Yearbook Photography Tips

Yearbook Photography Tips

Anyone who is interested in becoming a better photographer needs to have a good eye for details and the ability to recognize and create art. Photography is not for everyone; however, there are some tips and techniques that you can use to become and school yearbook creator. There are many aspects that go into making great a yearbook and they can be categorized into layouts and pictures. You can’t have one without the other, so you must learn how to incorporate them seamlessly into your work for a flawless presentation.


Lighting is a very important element in your photographs. Know which lights create good effects, colors and shadows in your pictures and know which ones don’t. Use the right amount of proper lighting to enhance your subjects and the details in your yearbook.

Subject and Theme

Every great yearbook picture has a great subject or theme. Using a theme will make your photographs stand out more. The size of your subject is also essential to how well received your photography is. The main concept of your theme or subject should the largest thing in the picture. Keep in mind to have all of the other words and designs on the page evenly spaced out or you run the risk of overwhelming the viewer and causing confusion. Your subjects don’t have to be just people. Any objects that you feel will help make your yearbook stand out can be used. Experiment and see how well various objects enhance the overall theme of your yearbook.

White Spaces

Don’t be afraid to leave some white areas in the photographs. White spaces are also referred to as negative spaces. They are often used to take away some of the clutter and complexity from a picture. This gives a much more polished effect. Don’t take your pictures from the same angle; you run the risk of having some boring pictures and a very disappointing yearbook. Change angles and perspective. This livens up your photographs and engages your viewers. A good rule of thumb is to imagine in your mind the photograph being split into three. It doesn’t matter which way you do it, but it helps you to apply a more up to date look and feel to your pictures. It also keeps the viewer’s attention exactly where it needs to be.


Using a framing technique instead of cropping is a great way to further incorporate themes into the yearbook. You can draw more attention to your subject this way and create a remarkable looking picture.

These tips are just a few to get you started on the path to becoming a great photographer. Using these methods to enhance your skills will allow you to create a school yearbook that will have everyone requesting your skills and services for many years to come.


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