Wolf Population Rebounds in Oregon

Wolf Population Rebounds in Oregon
… fourth with a time of 1:41:32.6. Photo: Denise Cross Photography/Flickr … True also fits in with the types of eccentric characters McConaughey has brought to the screen in films like Mud, True Detective, and Dallas Buyers Club. The film is still …
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The Disturbing Way Some Teens Are Really Using Instagram
Jessie, a 20-something male in New York, had clicked on what he thought was an innocuous selfie on Instagram, the kind of photo we've come to expect from a generation which thinks the best way to prove your worth is to purse your lips while staring …
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What The Hell Is Wrong With Your Eyes? A Dress Explainer
What the fuck is going on? Here's an educated guess. According to a few vision scientist friends (who were unwilling to put names to a theory due to threat of reprisals from the white/gold camp), the explanation probably has something to do with the …
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