Wedding photos by phone: Trendy or timeless?

Wedding photos by phone: Trendy or timeless?
While the couple hired professional photographers to cover the ceremony and reception, the groom, who is also a professional photographer, approves of the cellphone camera wedding photos. “They loved the cellphone photos and both the mother of the …

Instagram inspires photographer to start Ben Ramos Photography
He had become fascinated by the feeds of professional photographers. The clear and bright pictures of mountains and forests, the professional portraits and the work of other photographers around Lincoln, such as Wyn Wiley, inspired Ramos to go out and …
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A Dispatch from the Photoshop Generation
The novelty of taking photos and changing them; cutting parts out, pasting parts in, taking a person and putting them in a completely new setting—it was crazy. And it opened me up to how computers could be used to make things. I had no idea that this …
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