Water Droplets: Ep 221: Digital Photography 1 on 1

Water Droplets: Ep 221: Digital Photography 1 on 1

Buy Mark’s Studio Lighting DVD: http://www.studiolightingessentials.com This week Mark Wallace shows you how to create some interesting images using a sheet …
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25 Responses to Water Droplets: Ep 221: Digital Photography 1 on 1

  1. WKPhotographing says:

    thank I gonna try this tomorrow

    greetings from the netherlands

  2. disney joykutty says:

    nice classes boss….I love ur classes…

  3. Norman Tapp says:

    * * * * *

  4. Darren P. Orr says:

    Wet the bottom of the glass. it can help ;)

  5. Duvy McGirr says:

    Awesome! Thank you = ) 

  6. rob k says:

    Great video Mark, simple, yet stunning! Great ideas here!

  7. stevie b says:

    brilliant love it

  8. furqanrauf says:

    what macro lens is that?

  9. heru wahyudi says:


  10. sillyspud32 says:

    This is great, just the tutorial i was looking for…now to experiement

  11. Pieter Reyneke says:

    Great tips!

  12. Heidi Anne Morris says:

    Go get creative ! ♥ Don’t forget to share the results too :))

  13. Paul F says:

    Thanks for the excellent idea… something to play with this winter!

  14. MaghoxFr says:

    cool pics

  15. MrSvSa says:

    @euseermide No problem

  16. TJ Rohyans says:

    Thanks Mark. I was so inspired by this video, I rushed right out and got
    some Rain-X and started shooting. It took a few tries to get the
    composition I wanted, but eventually I think I got a few great shots. I
    posted four of them in a set on my Flickr.com page. Search Tango Juliet

  17. clementspaul77 says:

    great I’ll give it a try

  18. eddy albino says:

    hey, new look on this video… cool. ;)

  19. Oscar Todd says:

    Love the post. I bought the mac book pro in order to try these

  20. John C says:

    Some zoom lenses will creep focal length when placed on a tripod with the
    lenses pointing down. Gravity causes the lens to change focal length. Also
    a macro focus distance is needed.

  21. bots_n_science says:

    @90jeepgirl feel free to message me anytime if you’ve got a question. i
    don’t consider myself to be a pro, but i have been shooting for some years
    with anything from toy cameras to remote fired strobe setups and everything
    in between. i only wish the internet had been what it is now when i was
    starting out :)

  22. bots_n_science says:

    @90jeepgirl :) creative experimentation is the soul of photography. try
    using any bright light you have- try using something to direct the light
    towards what you’re shooting – a sheet white paper or posterboard folded
    into a cone works. just remember the angle of incidence he mentioned to
    keep the light from reflecting directly into your lens. didn’t mean to
    imply you had to buy anything – i shot from 1999 through 2008 using only
    available light. was great – more lights just add options.

  23. Bluerocklobster says:

    @slovakianchic If you go to your local auto-supplies shop and ask for
    something to help the water run off the windscreen of your car they will
    suggest something like the above. When I used to work washing cars we would
    also occasionally use high shine polish (meant for paintwork) on the
    windows to make the water run off better. When the water has nowhere to run
    you will get this kind of effect. The polish must be completely removed,
    preferably with soft mutton-cloth or something similar.

  24. AppleIsTheBest says:

    @FHMS97 use a desk lamp :)

  25. Joe Shit the Rag Man says:


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