Types of Photography

Types of Photography

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Choose the best DSLR camera lens for different types of pictures. Know what criteria to look for when choosing a DSLR lens that will deliver the picture you envision. Steve Neidorf demonstrates…
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26 Responses to Types of Photography

  1. abe otb says:

    very nice

  2. pressdesign says:

    7:50 – Squirrel on the background… ;0)

  3. Karl Hans says:

    I have question if someone can answer. Can’t we just edit the picture in
    Photoshoot and not buy a different type of lens?

  4. Milan Perišić says:

    Actually, primes are usually more expensive then standard zoom lenses for
    the similar focal lenght. Also, on that body he used in the video a 50mm
    prime equals to a 85mm focal lenght due to crop size sensor, so it’s not
    really a short focal lenght, it rather almost falls into the ‘tele’

  5. Craigzy says:

    Is it true that prime lenses generally take better quality shots than zoom

  6. Paul Wesley says:

    I have 2 questions… First one is i have a canon eos 350D what lenses can
    i use? i know about canon ef and ef-s but im interested in other like sigma
    or other brands that are not canon. How do i know if they will fit my
    Second one is can i take portraits with macro lens? :) im new to

  7. Elvis Presley Covers says:

    Lenses are all preference.

  8. M Azharul Islam says:
  9. Rafael Henriquez says:

    You couldn’t have found a more beautiful model. 

  10. Mahesh R S says:

    Hi +Ultimate PhotoGuide

    I have 2 questions:

    Question 1: why did you vary your distance from the subject as you changed
    your lens?
    Question 2: what would have been the “compression” (foreg-backg wise) if
    you had maintained the same distance from the subject, along with the same
    aperture, while changing the focal lengths?

  11. Samuel Wanjohi says:

    Four years down the line and this information has just gotten to me! Much

  12. J.T. Fishkills says:

    Could you find a more unenthusiastic model?

  13. Jigar Vyas says:

    why would you use iso 800 in bright day light?

  14. Blazin z says:

    Good review, but turn the Interlacing off on the video camera.

  15. Wout Vandenwijngaert says:

    7:52 SQUIRREL

  16. ranton1990 says:

    Squirrel at 7:52 in the lower right

  17. benjamin Harrison says:

    what kind of camera are you shooting the video on?

  18. Minthang Neihsial says:

    ample and valuable information

  19. wowApic says:

    Beginners: Would you like some guidelines on which lens to choose for which
    shot? Check out the valuable tips HERE http://youtu.be/l891jvp6N7E 

  20. Scavenger says:

    squirrel at 7:50

  21. Trick Photography 101 says:

    Another camera setting that will help you create stunning images is the
    aperture. The aperture or f-stop setting controls how much light enters
    your camera’s lens. The rule for f-stop values is simple: the higher the
    f-stop value (ex: f=32), the darker your image.

  22. FishersofMenFilms says:

    Good information. Thanks for the video!

  23. Richard Domenech says:

    Useful video! Thanks!

  24. icantell says:

    7:52 I couldn’t help but imagine Jared Polin screaming SQUIRREEEELL haha.
    Great video, I learnt a few things :) great work.

  25. eBangali says:


  26. sheto sheto says:

    which type of camera you made this video?

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