Traditional Lighting Styles: Ep 206: Digital Photography 1 on 1

This week Mark explains six traditional lighting styles: broad, short, loop, closed loop, Rembrandt and butterfly lighting.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

In this episode Mark shares 8 tips for capturing great fireworks photos.

50 Responses to Traditional Lighting Styles: Ep 206: Digital Photography 1 on 1

  1. TheGt500joe says:

    i love your style of teaching Mark.i really enjoy your videos!and your
    photos are awesome!

  2. Gerrard Harvey says:

    One bit of confusion. Before now I had learned the main different types of
    lighting except for the “closed loop” lighting. The confusion here is that
    once the shadow from the nose touches the shadow on the cheek it creates
    that triangle under the eye on the short side, which is rembrandt lighting.
    So the question here is what’s the difference between closed loop and
    rembrandt lighting?

  3. justluigichannel says:

    Given the five types of lighting described here, can you comment on which
    setups are best for couples portraits? Are these setups primarily
    relevant to individual portraits? I sometimes have issues with shadows
    being cast from one subject to the other in couples portraits.

  4. HonestArttsEntertain says:

    great video

  5. IncPics Creative Studio says:

    Mark Wallace explainsTraditional Lighting Styles: Ep 206: Digital
    Photography 1 on 1 – YouTube

  6. Ahmad M. Hailan says:
  7. missalisonhamiltonUK says:
  8. tutoriales3minutos says:
  9. forPhotographers says:
  10. Ramón Enrique Méndez Yáñez says:
  11. Vakpathi Rao Manupadi says:

    Excellent Video. Well explained. Thanks for Sharing.

  12. aaz148a says:

    great tips and super explanation, however pity you did not address the WB

  13. Darrell Lark says:

    Can you get great firework shots using a Nikon d5000 camera, or does it
    require a better grade camera?

  14. carey lee says:

    how about a 50mm prime lens?

  15. staj says:

    Thanks a lot Mark, i’m trying this in a couple of hours here in Toronto

  16. Pranav Sahasrabudhe says:

    Extreme eye-opener episode. Will now try with all new theory. Thanks!

  17. Camoranenzo says:

    Great tips as usual Mark! Tkx!

  18. Kristy G says:

    I would like to say thank you and I wish I could show you my picture that I
    had taken of the fireworks as I am a first time user of digital camera .

  19. Marcel Banu says:

    Cum să fotografiezi focuri de artificii…

  20. trinityproj3ct says:
  21. Thorium Heavy Industries says:
  22. Sourabh Roddey says:

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