The Types of People You Find in a NEW Photographer Facebook Group

The Types of People You Find in a NEW Photographer Facebook Group
The title kind of says it all, so why don't we just jump right in? Here are the ten types of people you'll find in a new photographers Facebook group. The Expert: This is the photographer so eager to prove that they know all the things, that they jump …
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How to Photograph the Moon (Part 1)
Experimenting with long exposure has been one of the most fulfilling types of photography I've done to date and I wanted to write this blog post to share how I go about taking these types of photos. The goal is that it'll inspire you to get outside and …
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Photographer adds new element to Civil War event
It was a crisply focused portrait of the three, only the image was actually reversed. That's how all the old tin-types were, Rochlitzer said, so it wasn't until he started doing this kind of photography that he realized that gunfighter Billy the Kid …
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Stepping Off the Path and Redefining Faith
He taught himself photography and entered Brooklyn College to major in history. While Mr. Blesofsky still supported himself partly as a cantor for a Conservative synagogue, his faith consisted of, … They fit into a broader social phenomenon of …
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