Sue Bryce: How to Photograph Different Body Types

Sue Bryce: How to Photograph Different Body Types

Learn how to photograph all body types and more from Sue on CreativeLive: CreativeLive instructor Sue Bryce explains how to shoot women with a variety of different body…

Read More: Believe it or not, you don’t have to own super expensive equipment or be some kind of camera wiz to take high quality camera shots like these…… but all those…

27 Responses to Sue Bryce: How to Photograph Different Body Types

  1. Nocholas Prime says:

    As a young man, watching at three and a half minutes in, it’s very
    difficult to follow along.

  2. Phoebus Quotient says:

    Learn how to photograph all body types and more from Sue on CreativeLive:

    CreativeLive instructor Sue Bryce explains how to shoot women with a
    variety of different body types. Sue, an internationally-acclaimed glamour
    portrait photographer, shows you everything you need to know about taking
    beautiful photos.

  3. Kate Hakken says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying this video… It makes me want to go out and have
    photo sessions with some of my friends. 

  4. nictheartist says:

    Such an informative video, also about appreciating any shape, which is
    rather refreshing to see, considering the focus on skinny models in the
    media. Also good advice for anyone posing for photos, be it professionally
    or just for fun. Some of those poses look really awkward, but they work on
    the actual photo!

  5. Maria João Arcanjo says:

    Thank you beautiful lady. I learn a lot from this video!

  6. Ieda Brito says:

    Sue you are my star. Very good tutorial. Please upload more :) x

  7. Calvin Walters says:

    This is a model educational video that should be bookmarked and watched
    over until learned by any serious portrait or wedding photographer. Sue is
    an expertin her field & has made a complex subject accessible to those
    willing to learn. Thanks for that Sue. Much appreciated – CALViN (CoZy
    GloW PhotographY) – U.K.

  8. Bob Caldwell says:
  9. Adelitas Jewelry says:

    Thank you, I just learned a lot with you this morning! can’t wait to
    practice all of it!

  10. Tina Marie says:

    I watched for education purposes, and I never expected to cry! When they
    asked about the brides, and you mentioned brides being allowed to be
    beautiful, I had flash backs. I hate photographs of me, always. Except my
    wedding. I felt beautiful and there is not an image from the day that
    doesn’t show it! Thanks for reminding me.

  11. Kwenami says:

    ~30:30 “We should all be grateful for our arms. Let’s make that right
    clear. If you have arms right now, and you don’t like your arms, you need
    to go and meet somebody without arms to appreciate your fabulous arms.”

    I don’t like how my arms look on camera, and this may be temporary, but it
    puts a lot of frustration towards my own body image into perspective. Thank
    you for the reminder. It was beautifully said. 

  12. santoshkumar vijayan says:

    Sue Bryce, She is amazing….

  13. Nouveau regArt says:

    Video tres interessante, Bravo et merci !

  14. Lászlóné Kereszturi says:

    Beautiful photographer. 100% familiar with the female body and know what
    makes the most economic in the photos. Excellent teach, it was fun to see
    and hear the way photography captures the tiniest details as well. I’m not
    a model photographer, amateur photos as I make another shall rise.
    Nevertheless, I felt I had to look through the educational film. Many
    thanks to him. I looked at a photo collection too, great shots.

  15. Joselyn Sydnor (The6thSyd) says:

    A lot of good information to add to your kitbag.

  16. Katarzyna Banaś says:
  17. 1stLadyJustice says:

    These girls might have had extra curves, but they were beautiful! Not to
    old or to ugly, anyone could have made them look good!

  18. Alima Korchinskaya Bryan says:

    Dear Sue, the best video on how to photograph women’s beauty!!!!!! Thank
    you very much for it!!

  19. Jody Stevens says:

    Thank you this informative video.

  20. ashley dellinger says:

    Sue is truly amazing & deserves an award for being so giving. Did anyone
    else notice the model kinda looks like her?

  21. Shawna Latarewicz says:

    Very informative, thank-you for sharing!

  22. Tasos T says:

    filming without film 

  23. Andrea Fine says:

    Genius stuff. I keep watching your videos and am thrilled with all your
    very valuable info.
    Thank you thank you. Great posing suggestions.

  24. Alijoker says:

    not only I wish I was present in her workshops and classes, I now wish she
    was my MODEL! You’re a genius photographer and a gorgeous model, Sue

  25. anna lopez says:

    I owe you a lot

  26. frizzy luts says:

    At first i thought it was fake but it is not thanks

  27. anna lopez says:

    Thank you Nice Video … The link helped me a lot

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