Small Studio Flash Tips: EP 208: Digital Photography One on One

In this episode Mark Wallace gives five tips for shooting with speedlights in a small studio.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Small Studio Flash Tips: EP 208: Digital Photography One on One

  1. Franco Herrera says:

    and a model with a striking beauty also helps

  2. Mattie Blackwell says:

    Helped me a lot, thanks! :)

  3. BROWNIZABLE says:

    Great vid.

  4. Sox1964 says:

    Excellent video, thankyou for sharing your knowledge.

  5. Neptuno says:

    Yes they helped thanks a lot :)

  6. Ware Seeker says:

    Great tips!

  7. Gunnar Karl says:

    Thangs a lot, great tips for me. 

  8. The last of us says:

    Mark you are Legend 

  9. Giant Angry Robot says:

    that was actually a really informative video. top marks 

  10. brianminkc says:

    have no idea why he used an SU800 commander…. commander mode is built
    right into the D7000 onboard flash. That’s a three hundred dollar savings
    from the way he did this shoot off camera with the Nikon.

  11. Troy Durrance says:

    Mark, my only suggestion for you… SMILE!!! :)

  12. Nitin Soni says:


  13. Rob Escott says:

    Thanks for the video great as usual but how come you didn’t use the CLS
    with the Nikon though is there a reason??

  14. Leonardo Vega says:


  15. Johnny says:

    Basic equipment….Seriously. Do you really expect “weekend” shooters to
    have the top of the line flash units, remote wireless triggers, expensive
    light diffusers, umbrellas and stands…? And, if the gary fong thing
    diffuses light in all directions why do you need to always point it up?

  16. Aris Amir says:

    Simply legend

  17. geo80551 says:

    D-7000 has a command flash inside the menu of camera customs settings for
    the sb-600,sb-800 and sb-900, and sb-910 and sb-700 speed light. You most
    likely won’t need the Nikon su-800 . You can save save some money.

  18. Terza Novandra says:

    this is a very usefull and great tips. thank you so much..

  19. Rob Escott says:

    How come you didn’t use the CLS with the Nikon??

  20. Hungry Fearless says:

    wow…. one of the best tutorials I’ve seen on the many ways to shot on a
    budget. Thanx, I got a shoot coming up and this was really informative.
    Like to show you the shots when they are complete.

  21. ramesh kumar says:

    Awesome. Thank you so much.. :)

  22. georgina leal gomez says:
  23. Verónica López says:

    Práctico tutorial de Adorama para montar un estudio casero 

  24. Dave C says:

    Awesome Video

  25. jeffrey says:

    thank u for this video mark

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