Shots that go bump in the night: Photo Tips

Shots that go bump in the night: Photo Tips
Here's a brief description of how photography and light play together. To record an image, whether on glass plates, film or digital sensors, you must have light. Light enables us to see the image the camera intends to capture. It must be exposed to the …
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Mobile tips from a NatGeo photographer
Few photographers in their right mind would consider ditching their DSLR camera for smartphones, let alone a National Geographic photographer. That's what Stephen Alvarez did though, choosing to swap his $ 5000 DSLR camera for a range of Lumia …

Food Photography Tips
Its turkey time of year and our team at AdoramaPro have a few tips to make the food photos you're going to Instagram stand out. These 5 simple tips will help you achieve professional looking food photographs, no matter what camera and lighting you have …
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