Professional Photography Studio & Lighting on a Budget

How I set up a professional photography studio on a reasaonable budget – the equipment I opted for, how I arranged things and other topics which I hope are helpful to you in going through the…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I love the leniency they give your for these pictures. Allows you to be super creative! Don’t want to wait? Sleeping Dogs VoD #2 here: Nothing but…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 Responses to Professional Photography Studio & Lighting on a Budget

  1. Daniel Beach says:

    Yeah, great setup, not what i’m looking for. I just started photography and
    have many friends that love my pictures and want me to do photo shoots of
    their kids. I need to know what I should get for kids / babies on a budget.
    I dont even have off camera flash yet or any umbrellas or softboxes

  2. Nadu Swami says:

    thanks for this video

  3. Mike Olivella says:

    Read the description, please – PROFESSIONAL photography studio & lighting
    on a budget. It’s not HOBBYIST or AMATEUR photography studio & lighting on
    a budget. Geez.

  4. Kaipro milwaukee wi says:

    one question.. where are the lights conected? do you have a interface or
    someting? thanks

  5. ryanpoorman says:

    this video is definitely not for a photographer on a budget. please change
    the name/description of this video because it is terribly misleading. a
    budget photographer would be looking for videos on inexpensive speedlights
    and how to build backdrops with items purchased from a local craft store.
    thumbs down.

  6. Mike Olivella says:

    All my lights are monolights so they do not need a block. They simply plug
    into a power strip or an outlet. I trigger them by using either an infrared
    trigger mounted on top of my camera or by using a Pocket Wizard mounted on
    the camera and another one plugged into one of the lights (usually the key
    light). When one strobe fires, the others do too since they all have
    “slave” sensors that cause them to fire when they sense the initial flash.

  7. georgeatg1 says:

    Hey Mike, can you tell me if there’s any difference between using a slave
    cell on flash units (when you have an infra-red rx on the key light) and
    using an infra-red rx on ALL lights?

  8. poppacooter says:

    hey thanks for sharing this video i enjoyed it.

  9. Mike Olivella says:

    Daniel, the video was intended to cover what I believe is appropriate for a
    professional studio, but on a budget. If you go to my blog, I did a post on
    portable studio lighting using strobes instead of studio lights.

  10. lk1dare says:

    Thanks for taking the time to show us your equipment, I found it very

  11. morrisaurus17 says:

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  13. TheGreatLRB says:

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  17. pwnmonkeyisreal says:

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  18. kyrectx2 says:

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