Professional Photography as a Career Option

Professional Photography as a Career Option

Are you thinking of making a career out of photography? However, comparing it to other career options, you must be wondering if you should pursue photography as a career or not. We are going to tell you all about photography as a career – the skills you need to be a photographer, the photography courses you need to do, job opportunities for a photographer, what photographers are in demand, and how much a photographer earns or the salary of a photographer.

What are the skills required to become a photographer

To become a photographer, you need to be creative, observant and give minute attention to detail. A photographer has a different perception about life and things, and a good photographer has the ability to bring out emotions like happiness, fear, awe, nostalgia, or even hunger in people when they see his captures.

Photography courses to do

Pursuing a career in photography does not necessarily require you to do a formal photography course, but it is helpful as it empowers you to command higher wages. Also, a professional course in photography will help you learn the technical aspects to enhance your creativity. You can pursue certificate courses or diploma or long duration bachelor course in the specialization of your choice.

Job opportunities for a photographer

To get a decent paying job or client, a photographer must put together a portfolio of their best work. It should show variety and use of different techniques. Earlier portfolios were similar to picture albums; but to make it more portable and accessible, a portfolio is nowadays made online and uploaded so that clients can look at it at leisure.

Like many other art professions, photography is also a competitive field. A photographer with a degree does stand a better chance of getting employed. However, with the advent of the online media, the options for a photographer are far more than what they used to be before. The fields that one can get into are press photography, editorial photography, commercial photography, feature photography, portrait/ wedding photography, advertising photography, fashion photography, fine art photography, digital photography, wildlife photography, forensic photography or at least a photographer can freelance.

Salary of a photographer

Research shows that photographers earned a median annual salary of $ 29,770 in 2009 (U.S.). Generally, salaried photographers earn more money than those who are self-employed.

Sometimes, photographers are paid for each photograph they take. At other times, it could be an hourly or a monthly compensation. The salary of photographers can vary greatly depending on experience and talent. Some very talented and successful photographers make up to $ 65,000 annually.

Downside of being a photographer

Good photography equipment is costly and might burn a hole in your pocket in the initial days. Initially you might have to work to prove yourself and manage with lower wages. However, like any other art or career for that matter, a career in photography needs patience and perseverance. You need to have belief in your skill and discipline to work religiously.

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