Print Sizes: Ep 227: Digital Photography 1 on 1

Buy Mark’s Studio Lighting DVD: This week Mark discusses image resolution and file size and talks about how large you…
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25 Responses to Print Sizes: Ep 227: Digital Photography 1 on 1

  1. LarryParamedic1 says:

    Thank You for posting this information, it has been “very” helpful. I shoot
    a Nikon D80 & D90, I know now I can do a lot more than what I have been
    I have one question. In my bag, are still a of Nikon F3s and lenses 18mm
    through 300mm. What would be the better or best scan for a quality print?
    Send the negitive or slide off for a pro scan, or a home scan with a
    flatbed scanner that is made for negitive or positive film?
    Thank You for you time.

  2. Bernardo Soto says:

    this was confusing. using a nikon d7000 i print 16×24 at 300ppi thats a
    resolution of 4800×7200 that i resample through lightroom and images are
    sharp. i guess I’m still left with, when do images start to degrade
    printing at 300 dpi? 

  3. 75pechan says:

    Thanxx Mark for the calculation sheet, it’s verry helpfull!!!

  4. Michael Rivero says:

    Wow. Very informative. Thank you Mark. Never know about this. Lucky I found
    this before I printed something large. 

  5. CatspitProductions says:

    Good old 8×10 inch silver nitrate photography and darkrooms bow away
    digital images. But I’m old school being a retired photographer and screen
    printer ;) Come get some Catspit~! ☠

  6. publiux says:

    Great video, Mark! Thanks.

  7. rhowell5 says:

    This is the only video on the web that explains this that simple….Great

  8. rami073 says:

    Thanks great demonstration. But I think there is a wrong number in the
    sheet. Which is the Nikon ds3 resolution. It is 12.1 mp and not 16 mp.

  9. TheMakMoon says:

    great job bro!

  10. mokphoto says:

    i am glad that the snapfactory is so popular on youtube. but it is very
    hard to get there especially for new channels. although everyone is writing
    ‘check out my channel’ i think you really should do that and i do that
    aswell because the videos might be really good although no one is watching
    them. so: check out my channel! If you think so too: thumps up! Thank you!

  11. Softouch468 says:

    Thanks Mark. Another very useful video.

  12. par2005 says:

    I personally find it confusing regarding the way you list your videos –
    sequence should be from 1 to 300 etc.. but I tried watching all of your
    videos – went to 73smthing, and next ones are in 200 series.. I LOVE your
    videos, but please, could you make them all in nice sequence.. Thanks!

  13. Florian Brunner says:

    whats that in cm???

  14. Nathan Ngo says:

    hi mark

  15. kaisar1 says:

    brilliant episode for an amateur photographer like me thumbs up

  16. janenglund says:

    So is this only for Americans? Or would it be a bad idea to include
    centimeters in the video? ex. 19″ x 23″ (48,3 x 58,4 cm)

  17. hellotimchow says:

    good stuff. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

  18. Alejandro Cisneros says:

    Great explanation, but you say Dots Per Inch, and that concept is for the
    printed proces in Offset, `DPI, where an image has 300 PPI belong to 1200
    DPI on an standard conversion.

  19. ptlofts says:

    whats the format file that you should end your photos to the shop for
    printing? TIFF, jpg, RAW? thanks.

  20. steven somarriba says:

    you should also do a segment on printers

  21. cOkistOs says:

    Very helpful, thank you very much :-)

  22. Brian William says:


  23. vietanhdr says:

    My eyes are open :)

  24. dingie256 says:


  25. H Davis says:

    I can’t stop watching SnapFactory! This hasn’t happened since DigitalRev!!

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