Price Versus High quality in Professional Photography

Price Versus High quality in Professional Photography
Just a little History

Raise your hand should you keep in mind how you can load film into a camera. Maintain it inside the air in the event you ever employed a manual focus lens. Okay, give your appropriate arm a break and raise the left in the event you bear in mind 126 cartridge film and flash “cubes”. And finally, in the event you had been around when we employed flash “bulbs” and Box Brownies you far better put your arm down prior to you stroke out.

Photography has changed hasn’t it? I can keep in mind “back inside the day” whenever you had a roll of film processed the large box stores only charged you for the pictures that turned out – and that was a massive deal for lots of men and women. There was a time when most people today could get all of the kids’ birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas on 1 roll of film. Even as recent as the 1980’s photography and acquiring an acceptable picture was still a mystery to lots of.

I bought my initial professional digital camera in 1998. The digital sensor was made by Kodak along with the camera itself was based on a Nikon body. The camera sported a 3 — yes 3 — mega-pixel sensor and it price me just shy of ten thousand dollars. My Dad just about flipped. At the time I also bought a pc massive sufficient and quick sufficient to method the images, a professional film scanner along with a water/chemical based Fugi printer. I jumped into digital at a price tag in excess of $ 30,000.

Now Anybody May be a Professional Photographer

Professional grade digital camera costs have plummeted. My most recent camera is really a Nikon D200 with a 10.2 mega-pixel sensor and it price under $ 2000. Numerous of my clients have greater cameras that I do.

It’s simple, there’s nothing to it, the mystery is gone. Yes, now any person with a point and shoot digital camera can take pictures and get most of them to turn out. If it does not — just hit the delete button. No longer do persons just take snapshots — suddenly everyone is really a “photographer”.

If It Quacks Like a Duck – It’s Not Necessarily a Duck

I made an very foolish mistake recently. My son was married about six months ago and also the ceremony was held in a town many hours away from our property. My son knew I wanted to be component of the ceremony and having me do the photography would not have been perfect.

My wife searched the web and we discovered an individual who — based on the images on their website — did solid work. We known as and he was booked but he recommended an additional “professional photographer”, friend of his, who had photographed his wedding. Whilst the recommended photographers images weren’t as strong as the initial individual we contacted we figured if that guy was happy… well… NOT!

The photographer we selected would much more aptly be defined as a “shooter”; a person who utilizes a motor driven shutter along with a 4 gig camera card to it’s fullest. He took plenty of pictures to be positive — over 800. If I had taken the images I would have been ashamed to show them to my client. The old saying that, “even a blind hog hits the barn once in awhile” held true. But just barely.

As I read somewhere recently, “digital just means you will find additional folks taking poor pictures than each just before.” I have been a professional photographer since 1994 and I was stupid sufficient to hire an incompetent unprofessional amateur to photograph my own son’s wedding. My ignorance price my family and also the bride’s family the enjoyment of high quality portraits of that unique day.

But Professional Photographers Are So High priced

Within the course of researching this article I came across many other people that provided explanations to the above. Quite a few of the articles went to fantastic lengths to justify the reasons for the expense. There’s the price of professional equipment together with the time and gas involved in driving to a portrait session. There’s the time to take the pictures and then method the image files on an high-priced pc. The costs involved in meeting with a client a number of times along with the photographers costs for advertising. All very good points to be certain — but even the unprofessional incompetent amateur who photographed my son’s wedding was subject to these exact same expenses.

Beauty Is Inside the Eye Of the Checkbook Holder

The painful truth for quite a few seasoned, really professional portrait artists is the average individual doesn’t know the distinction between a great portrait along with a poor 1. Please do not misunderstand — (as I’ve already explained, occasionally even professional photographers do not know the distinction) — judging a great portrait is no diverse than judging a great painting. Unless you might have some education in what to look for you base your opinion on what you know and like. A great portrait to most individuals is 1 where the head isn’t cut off, you can find no dark shadows across the faces plus the subjects are smiling and have their eyes open.

What’s Most Crucial About Your Portrait?

I readily admit that huge box chain studios and Uncle Fred with his new “prosumer-digital-wonder-camera” have their place. If you are happy with dramatically over or under exposed images, if color balance and tone are insignificant to you, if composition, color harmony and posing do not show up on your radar, then go for it. But if you are seeking an artistically composed portrait with stunning lighting and posing, an image you will be proud to hang on your wall — then hire a professional.

It Takes Extra Than Pressing the Button

My Dad was an incredibly avid amateur photographer. He loved taking pictures of flowers and landscapes and family. Years ago he and my Mom had been on a trip out west and visited the Grand Canyon. Dad had his Nikon 8008s (a top quality camera at the time) on a tripod and was taking the most effective images he knew how of the scene just before him. A couple of feet away a gentleman was setting up his heavy duty wooden tripod onto which he set an eight by ten view camera (the type you have seen in pictures with the huge adjustable bellows at the front). The guy says to my Dad, “I see you have got 1 of those PhD cameras.” “PhD?” my Dad says. “Yeah, Push Here Dummy.” It’s a lengthy method to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Digital Has Made Me a Greater Photographer

I read a survey recently of professional photographers. 1 of the questions was, “how lengthy does it take to get competent behind the camera?” The average answer was five years. Five years of studying, making mistakes and corrections, learning lighting, posing, color harmony and tonal balance.

There’s no question in my mind that I am five times the photographer nowadays as I was four or five years ago — and by then I’d been at it for ten plus years. The immediacy of digital permits us to tweak the image, the lighting the pose to produce that ideal portrait.

So What Are You Paying For?

A professional photographer is a person who charges sufficient for his work so he can tear up and image and begin over if the customer isn’t satisfied. A professional photographer is an individual whose fees are high sufficient to enable her to continue her education, generally staying abreast of what’s present. A professional photographer is somebody who can analyze a scene and adjust his lighting to bring out the very best in his subject. Who considers the color of the clothing and also the background and how they compliment 1 an additional. An individual that takes the time to ideal the pose, adjust the hands, tilt the head just so to, all whilst communicating with his subject, helping them to relax and look natural.

A professional photographer is an artist, a scientist, a psychologist, a student along with an enterprise individual. If they’ve a studio they’re also a janitor, a window washer, a bookkeeper and an interior decorator.

I Am a Professional

Should you had been flat on your back with a golf ball sized brain tumor who would you would like sawing off the top of your skull; the world renowned brain surgeon or the up and coming resident? Who do you would like to have final say on your tax return; the CPA or the bookkeeper? Do you take your Mercedes to the corner mechanic or the certified Mercedes garage? When all of your newly planted shrubs are turning brown do you talk to the individual at the huge box store garden department or do you go see the Certified Professional Horticulturist at your lawn and garden store.

Creating wonderful portraits of you and your family is my enterprise and my life. I do not do this as a hobby. I do not have a spouse with a full time job and advantages. I do not do just sufficient to get by; I take the time and I do whatever I can to make your experience in my studio enjoyable and your portraits unforgettable.

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