Photography Tips: Mirrorless Cameras Fuji XT-1 PT.3

Photography Tips: Mirrorless Cameras Fuji XT-1 PT.3

The Fuji XT-1 CSC mirror-less camera has interested me ever since I looked into CSC cameras. There’s only one way to know if a camera is right for you and that’s to live with it for a while….

Moshe Zusman Photography: In this first episode of our Wedding Photography Tips series, photographer Moshe Zusman will share some tips and tricks on posing couples …

50 Responses to Photography Tips: Mirrorless Cameras Fuji XT-1 PT.3

  1. A Rivera says:

    Great video series. one thing though, at 5:25 The XT-1 does NOT have
    in-body stabilization. You probably meant from the stabilized lens. 

  2. David Lall says:

    Cant find the 1st two parts to this review. Please help. :)

  3. owinthomas says:

    Mike, how’re you getting on with the X-T1?

    By the way the prime lens do have the apertures marked, I think it’s
    because the lens you had is a zoom (18-55mm?) and would make the markings

    I’m about to pull the trigger on one and the 56mm to team it up with my

    Great set of videos by the way, how about some more featuring the Fuji ;)

  4. Harry Quinn says:

    Great video, can’t wait to get my hands on one! 

  5. Mike Browne says:

    Hello All

    The only way to know if a camera’s right for you is to live with it for a
    while. I’ve just been in Myanmar (Burma) running a photo workshop and am
    lucky enough to have been lent a Fuji XT-1 to take with me.

    This is my conclusion and some of the images I shot in a week of hard



    Only one place left on the Iceland Photo Workshop. If you’d like to join us
    now is the time to visit

  6. Bobby Mathiwathanan says:

    Hello Mike, great video. I am a Nikkon shooter, recently upgraded to FX,
    bought myself an used D700, sigma 24-70/2.8 but, I find this combi bit
    heavy. Thinking of moving to mirrorless mainly bcos of EVF and weight, may
    be sony A7. I love everything about my D700 but the weight. Pls comment.

  7. vinay soni says:

    Lovely pictures !!! And Great stuff as always

  8. Michael Falkous says:

    Great review! I like how much detail you went into. Thankyou for sharing.
    Im expecting mine within the next few days along with the 56mm 1.2. Cant

  9. ObelixCMM says:

    Loved this series Mike!
    Are you planing on more mirrorless camera reviews?

  10. Tuan Nguyen says:

    Make sure you enable high performence mode on the X-T1. Focus will be
    quicker but battery life will shorten.

  11. says:

    Mirrorless or not: these are f*cking great shots, Mike. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Mathias says:

    It’s weird, I actually prefer using flashes over high ISOs^^ Not to replace
    natural light mind you! Just to fill in a few details here and there at low

  13. Caleb Evan says:


  14. john williams says:

    I use mine with both Fuji XF lenses, and old Minolta Rokkors (which produce
    beautiful results), but I tend to stick to the prime lenses. I have this
    18-55mm zoom, and it is the least compromised zoom I’ve ever used. As you
    say, the aperture ring isn’t marked, and that is annoying, I tend to count
    the clicks :-) However all the Fuji primes with an R in their designation,
    have a proper, marked, and graduated aperture ring, with very positive
    feel, and ease of use. It is still not a mechanical ring, like the Rokkors,
    but I cannot really tell the difference.

  15. Dev Watton says:

    Mike, camera aside, those are some bloody good photos. I think I need to
    save some money for one of your Photo tours.

  16. happy hkv says:

    Some great shots with the Fuji XT-1. Thanks Mike
    #photographer #mikebrowne #fujixt1 

  17. Andrew Hollis says:

    Mike the Fuji XT-1 does not have in camera stabilisation it is lens based.
    Your photo’s of the Burma trip are excellent with beautiful colours.

  18. François Bertrand says:

    By f-word, do you mean f-stop?

  19. mcrazza says:

    Very interesting points of criticisms you raised, Mike. I appreciate you
    mentioned them whereas in other video reviews they weren’t. Excellent
    review all-round. Shame about the audio issues in Singapore.

    Any chance of doing more reviews in the near future e.g. Nikon D750?

  20. rogie salazar says:

    Hi Mike

    Thanks for awesome video, plan to buy fuji x-t1 next month. And to all
    concern who comment on this video. Thanks a lot. It really help for a
    beginner like me.

  21. maxwellsmart1003 says:

    thank you, Mike. That must have been a fantastic workshop in Myanmar.
    Congratulations. And my next camera will be a Nikon D810. You did great
    shots. No questions – and your “photo-groupies” are already expecting that,
    I would guess. Keep on shooting!

  22. Martin Ocando says:

    Hi Mike. I’d love if you could test drive the Olympus m43 system. Lenses
    are superb, smaller and lighter that the Fujis, and cameras also have
    features not found in any other mirrorless system, like specifics for long
    exposure, fireworks, star trails, etc. I find them a landscape
    photographer’s dream camera. You should check them out.

  23. Claudio Trajtemberg says:

    Whatever Mike lacks in tech prowess its more than made up by the astounding
    images he produces.
    Fuji must be very glad of what he has done with their camera, unlike many
    other “expert” reviewers that just spew specs but cant take a picture to
    save their lives.

  24. The Photo Show says:

    Great review, I always liked Fuji DSLR’s before they stopped producing
    them. Shame about the niggles but I guess there never will be the perfect

  25. Michael Falkous says:

    One note regarding the recessed buttons which i think i will be considering
    is to buy some “Sugru” which is a type of Silicone Rubber which looks
    pretty awesome. I heard a photographer say that is how he got around the
    issue. Certainly worth considering. 

  26. Tzadeck says:

    This guy’s no joke–lots of great photos here.

  27. djtblizzle says:

    I would love to work under you. Your work is phenomenal, and your style is
    great!! Do you have your own channel?

  28. Gokhan Cukurova says:

    familiar with Moshe’s photography which is beautiful but when you stop the
    movie at 2:13 and pay attention how the wrong posing makes her waist to
    much bigger. When the bride large built, turning her to the side instead of
    directly to the camera will hep. It could have been avoided. Again,
    overall, nice tips. Thank you for taking time to put this together. Your
    piece at PP Magazine last year was also very nice. Keep up the good work.

  29. kevin osborne says:

    Awesome video! Who would vote this with a thumb down! More from this guy

  30. jaime cordova says:
  31. lulu J says:

    Wedding Photography Tips: Posing with Moshe Zusman:

  32. VideoWorld says:

    Wedding Photography Tips: Posing with Moshe Zusm

  33. Silentbreez1 says:


  34. Frank Torres says:

    Great stuff!

  35. Cuarto Digital says:

    Eres Fotografo de Bodas? Importantes Tips para Ti en Este Video

  36. Joe Large says:

    Thanks great tips, appreciate that.

  37. Casper Dawson says:

    Give us more videos like this B and H. This was fantastic! 

  38. Vanessa Velez says:

    Great tips! Thank you for sharing. Would have loved to have seen some
    examples of plus size clients though. 

  39. Bennix Baygas says:

    Awesome tips Moshe :)

  40. Raymond Cooper says:

    I love your work thanks for the info, what lens did you use in the four
    photo in the same area.

  41. Tony Fernandez says:

    Thanks for these mad tips dude, I’m currently at the clueless stage, and
    your right, I need to practice!! 

  42. Andre Riggins says:

    Fantastic photos.

  43. Jaikumar Menon says:

    Loved wa5ching wedding photographer Moshe Zusman request BH to please
    provide some more videos of his great wedding art pieces.

  44. Hector Rivera says:

    Moshe you rock bro !!! Thanks 

  45. Christopher Burke says:

    Very well done. Straight to the point and very informative. Thank you!

  46. BxSQUIRREL says:

    I like this guy

  47. dovaje says:

    Love the intro

  48. Екатерина Бахтина says:


  49. p4ko71 says:

    nicely done…..



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