Photography tips: how to control focus on a DSLR

Photography tips: how to control focus on a DSLR
… which allows you to set a single focus point but lets the camera use the others around it as a back-up. This is great for shooting fast-moving cars, children or animals as you track them with the lens. • Find more photographic inspiration at …

Tips From a Pro: Gary Parker's Dog Photography
For Gary Parker, few things are more enjoyable than photographing man's best friend. “I'll shoot any pup I hear about—entirely for fun,” says this advertising, editorial, and, yes, pet photographer from San Jose, California . “For the basset puppies …
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January 18, 2015: Backyard Photography Tips and Antarctic Volcano Hunting
An image that appears in the pages of National Geographic magazine is the result of a photographer's years of practice, patience and a bit of luck. But Joe Petersburger also explains that knowing something about the animals that you're shooting goes a …
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