Photography Tips for Photo Shoots

Here are a few tips to ensure your photo shoots fare just the way you want them…this video walks you through what I did on my first shoot, and what I conti…
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Landscape Photography Tips and Tricks

Hey guys I wanted to take you with me on a recent landscape shoot along a local river and share some landscape photography tips and tricks. Let me know if yo…

50 Responses to Photography Tips for Photo Shoots

  1. Ryan Luna says:

    I guess when you’re making huge money, you can throw your lenses in a bag
    without the caps. Nice!

  2. Todd Gilmore says:

    Okay thanks.. but what do you do if your camera is not DSLR and a Fujifilm
    Finepix T500 or similar and needs like a couple seconds to focus each time.

  3. ReverseCycoIogy says:

    i want a behind the scenes of you in the shower

  4. Edgar barlis says:

    very good video ^_^

  5. Courtney Overgaard says:
  6. Orlando Osorio says:

    I love the lighting of your photos, what would the best time of the day for

  7. FontanaKnowledge says:

    Great video Jasmine Star =o)

  8. Our Vision Entertainment says:

    What lens is that your using?

  9. Turboshotshaper says:

    this was very good. besides this movie is much more entertaining and much
    more coaching. you combine perfectly stills and movie.

  10. Anina Harmse says:

    Jasmine Star #Inspiring Photographer
    Love her videos :)

  11. Shuha shabnam says:


  12. Pixelle Spleen says:

    :) so good

  13. sadek ismael says:

    so when you are shooting u said you use “natural reflectors” but in your
    case you’re always using sun as rim light so how do you deal with shadows
    ?…nice video tho

  14. Michael Rodgers says:

    Great Tips I really enjoyed it!

  15. stephan de laat says:

    Jasmine, I have a question. What do you do to keep a couple from talking
    too much? Taking pictures from people talking is very awkward.

  16. DanKPhotography says:

    Fantastic! Thanks Jasmine!

  17. inguciukaas2 says:

    haha nope, i think someone is jealous :D

  18. Samantha Dekker says:

    Great video! Thanks for the tips!

  19. johnstav74 says:

    and finally use caps in when your changing lenses :)

  20. spacemonkey1112 says:

    someone is angry

  21. Anugrah Aini says:

    thanks for share with us.. u are amaizing xoxoxo

  22. Edvinas Šlėvė says:

    Are you married?

  23. Marcin Stefanowski says:

    Why you don’t use eyecap on your camera???

  24. Karl Stelter Studios says:

    Tip 2: Don’t go to the good spots first. This is brilliant advice.

  25. Tzadeck says:

    Edit out some fluff, talk more about taking pictures and less about your

  26. Matthew Frederick says:

    I didn’t get all the jargon, but enjoyed the vid just the same. I
    appreciate quality video and pix so, I will save as a favorite, til the day
    I can get some gear for vids and pix.I believe there was a lot of good
    information here. Going to start with a go pro I think. I play in country
    bands so my first thought is I need gear that works good in low light , but
    also bright colored spot lights AND records decent sound so I can post vids
    on my band both at clubs and outdoors. I’d also like my equipment to be
    able the take nice pix outside site seeing. Tall order I know. If you read
    this and find my “wants ” interesting and would have recommendations for me
    as to what gear to buy to meet these needs I would love to hear from you in
    a message back. If not I enjoyed the vid and thanks for posting, cheers. 

  27. usolee says:

    hey man, i liked this video. it’s a unique yet so familiar process. unique
    because it’s you in your home turf with your gear. familiar because all us
    shutterbugs do, think, and try the kinds of things you bring up here.
    thanks for the peek into the southern woods as well as into a fellow
    cameramans process. 

  28. Austin K says:

    hey man, i live in north georgia too and i was wondering where exactly this
    is. great shots by the way!

  29. JD's Custom Aquascape says:

    I absolutely love the vanishing point photo

  30. brown55061 says:

    Who’d you call a hoochie?? I thought this was a good realistic look at how
    a photography hike goes.

  31. Falkon Flame says:

    how would you change the exposure to make it look like that on a Canon SX50

  32. TetsusaigaDrgn says:

    great video! What part of the world did you film this tutorial?

  33. Naetrogens says:

    +GadgetsNGear Would I be able to take good landscape photos with the E-PL5
    and the 14-42 mm kit lens? I bought the e-pl5 a few months ago and I want
    to get into photography but I don’t know if the E-pl5 is good enough
    compared to Nikon/canon dslr cameras. 

  34. Ian Sebastian Video Blog says:

    informative video but too much junk in between. Cut the fat, make it a
    “quick video” just like you said in the beginning of this vid. All of this
    really great and informative material could have fit into a 5 minute piece.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  35. Edit Effect Line says:

    I think I saw a bear in the far back during your adventure recording. Glad
    you survive this trip. Don;t get caught missing in the woods, then you
    won’t be able to share your photography adventure. Good Luck. 

  36. Surpluzz says:

    Where was this? I’m gonna go get that camera you left behind! lol Nice
    vanishing point. I Like.

  37. TheClevelandfan1993 says:

    Liked the video. Sometimes I had no idea what you were talking about like
    when you referred to your equipment names as numbers and letters instead of
    just calling them (brand name) tripod, (brand name) camera, etc. Learned a
    little bit though so thanks for the vid!

  38. Veronika Alcoba says:

    You look like Ryan Reynolds!

  39. Yakimiyah Binyamin says:

    great video! really helpful. I also appreciated hearing your thought
    process concerning composition etc. always great to get into the mind of a

  40. Lee Lee says:

    Ok so I’m a 13 year old girl and I want to be a photographer I want a dslr
    camera I know how to edit and everything I just want to know what beginner
    camera is best for me I was looking at 60d but I don’t know I’m so

  41. sk p says:

    Thank you, but the video could have been a lot better with quite a bit of

  42. QuadGuy0101 says:

    After four minutes I had to stop watching. Way too much useless chit chat
    that wasn’t helpful to what the title suggests. This should be edited way
    down in length.

  43. BNP0714 says:

    ENCORE REQUEST: Awesome video!!!! Even at 24 mins long the video remained
    interesting and informative throughout the entire video. There are not a
    lot of videos that walk you through and “On Location Landscape Photography
    Shoot”. Really enjoyed seeing some of the hidden treasures in North
    Georgia and would really appreciate it if you made another video similar to
    this one. I think the length of the video is great because it gives you
    ample time to discuss settings, shutter speeds, gear, etc. Is it
    possible you could take us along with you on another long landscape
    tutorial discussing more long exposure shots. I really liked the first
    photo and I loved the photo of the bridge at the end. What makes this
    video so informative is being able to hear your though process as you are
    preparing to shoot and why you think a certain shot would make a cool shot.

    So – is there a possibility we could expect Landscape Photography Tips and
    Tricks – Part II anytime soon? Maybe covering five more outdoor landscape
    photos. Not to mention – it would give you the opportunity to take us
    somewhere else and get you into another scene as you mentioned towards the
    end of your video.

    We’re Waiting!!!!!

  44. Stephen Gatley says:

    Holy balls video about photography with constantly out of focus camera!

    Get a go pro!

  45. mchuber588 says:

    5 minutes of you walking could better be used for more about photography.
    Less yacking and more technical would be helpful.

  46. Product Photo Canada says:

    Nice photography! I really liked the technique you are using and I’m pretty
    sure that the result is perfectly done.

  47. Gary Loar says:

    Please help me with this problem when i take pictures in church they have a
    redish look to them how can i get the pictures looking right . thanks so
    much Gary.

  48. AdamDguitars says:

    I like your Magpul hat.

  49. Victor Kruglov says:

    Great Video! Thanks.

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