Photography Tips and Tricks: The Difference Between Amateur and Pro Photographers – Ep 42

See recent episodes at Pete Collins explains why being a professional photographer is all about planning ahead and warming…

25 Responses to Photography Tips and Tricks: The Difference Between Amateur and Pro Photographers – Ep 42

  1. peter hamlin says:

    great tricks

  2. Edit Effect Line says:

    You don’t have to be a professional to do these tips and tricks. I’m an
    amateur and been doing photography for 3 years and I never just go straight
    to a photo shot event. I practice before I go to an event. Also I keep
    notes of camera setting so I don’t have to be practicing the same thing

  3. discuss21 says:

    Searched on professional – this pile of BS came back. Pure advertising hype
    – don’t believe a word.
    Nothing useful here unfortunately for photographers. Getting tired of
    finding this crap all over utube. Your not fooling anyone here – just lost
    all your business creditability with sh@t like this video!

  4. brian aiton says:

    One big advert. Terrible

  5. brian aiton says:

    One big advert. Terrible

  6. chrid999 says:

    The title of this video should have actually been “…The Difference
    between good and bad Pro Photographers”. By definition, amateur
    photographers do not do paid work assignments. Pete has used the term
    “amateur” in a derogatory sense unfortunately, while I know amateur
    photographers that produce great images, some better than most pro’s. I am
    an amateur photographer myself.

  7. coisasnatv says:

    The main difference between Amateur and Professional is that the
    Professional uses his profession to earn money, good and bad professional,
    this is another issue. Now, this guy on the video (Pete Collins) NEVER will
    be a professional photographer, EVER. Can you Imagine this guy at 2011
    Tsunami Japan, waiting to “happen again” so he could “train his eyes” once
    to be ready for the next one?
    What kind of photography “tips and tricks” is that?

  8. Rob Cox says:

    I usually get most of my tips from @CluelessConcept on twitter

  9. Stuart Brown says:

    Just a video of adverts. Won’t be bothering with any more. 

  10. Delos Johnson says:

    Pretty sure that amateurs know how to spell.

  11. Sirui Luo says:

    More like a advertising channel

  12. Euan says:

    This is more of an advert than a tutorial video

  13. John Young says:

    these are getting worse….. I remember when d-town started and it was a
    good show. what happened ??

  14. nevadaxtube says:

    Please correct the spelling. This is ridiculously unprofessional.

  15. Thanh Nguyen says:

    Full of Ads and lacking any real useful tips

  16. Razor2048 says:

    Interesting video but more than half of it was advertising About 2.5
    minutes of content, and 4.82 minutes of advertising.

  17. omglenses says:

    An amateur cares about the photos, a professional cares about the money.
    Pretty easy, isn’t it?

  18. Chris Smith says:

    The tip for planning out sports shots is good, one thing I’d add is think
    of how the officials are going to manage the field. Last thing you want it
    a great angle of a ref’s back end.

  19. Geeromiea Garcia says:

    This guy is so full of shit! Professional or not any one with a camera can
    take a great shot. 

  20. Frankie Illuzzi says:

    I love Kelby Training and all, but I came here to learn more about
    perfecting my craft…not to listen to bullshit and advertising.

  21. dbthump says:

    At least we know how to spell what we are :P

  22. Patrick Connor says:

    Canon gives Scott Kelby some gear, now the camera in the opening credits is
    clearly a Canon instead of the previous unbranded camera.
    Looks like this show is going the way of Photoshop User TV. All ads no

  23. Bhavishya Chandra says:

    “Amateur” for god’s sake.

  24. Michael Hunt says:


  25. bornetube says:

    Guys come on, I know the bills need to be paid, but seriously! We are the
    ones going to psw and supporting it 

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