Look Smashing in Your Professional Business Photo

Look Smashing in Your Professional Business Photo
When a writer submits a guest post for my blog, I ask for a good-quality head shot. Then I hold my breath. I never know what to expect. I've received photos that look like they were taken in a bar, on a street corner or in front of the fireplace in a …
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Get Professional Looking Photos With A Monitor And Reflective Surface
YouTuber Dylan Hart — AKA the HouseholdHacker — demonstrates how you can get that professional photo look in just a few steps: Find a bright, full-screen image for your background monitor (he recommends using “bokeh” images). Find a shiny …
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Which Pro Camera Do You Really Need to Shoot Like a Pro?
But economic and business considerations are sometimes besides the point. There are other more important factors that influence the decision of which camera to use. When it comes to travel photography, the first two things I look at are size and weight.
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