Landscape Photography Tips: Stay Focused with Doug McKinlay: AdoramaTV In this episode of Stay Focused, Doug demonstrates a number of tips for better landscape photography, including the use of neutral density fi…
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Shooting backlit and in sunlight tutorial I made a few months back, and finally got to upload now. Different ways to shoot in different types of light :) fol…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

36 Responses to Landscape Photography Tips: Stay Focused with Doug McKinlay: AdoramaTV

  1. hawg427 says:

    Great video :-) There’s one online photography “Expert” LOL That is very
    adamant that we do not need tripods in this day of DSLR photography. He
    has also said tripods are only for real cameras, Medium format or larger.
    Another LOL from me. I am from the “Old School” photographers formally
    trained and the use of a tripod was Highly encouraged. It makes you think
    about your framing of the photograph. No reason to rush in landscape
    photography. What’s your opinion on the build quality of Induro Carbon
    fiber tripods?

  2. Nazareth434 says:

    Good tips here- I’d like to add a fewm ore if you don’t mind- some tips
    I’ve found to be invaluable

    Light Color Gesture- if the light isn’t right- wait until it is- look for
    color- make it a central part of the photo- stop taking photos of
    everything at every time- QUALITY over QUANTITY- if you don’t have light or
    color, then you must have a super strong subject, and it must be shot
    utilizing things like lead-in lines, angle, shutter speed- which are tools
    to ‘enhance’ an otherwise boring scene- like Maisel said, if you have color
    and or light, the actual subject is really kind of unimportant- color and
    light become the subject matter, and folks respond to both light and color
    more than actual subjects- it’s just how the brain works- Want your
    photography to improve? Stop snapping photos of everything, look for
    quality subjects like l ight and color and gesture- and make those your
    primary subjects- check out Jay Maisel’s website for some examples of what
    I’m talking about- He does no post processing work on his photos- He simply
    ups the color saturation incamera and that’s it- you’ll see exactly what
    I’m talking about when I say make color light and gesture your primary
    subjects for better photos

  3. Dante Oops says:

    .these were amazing tips. Thank you Doug.

  4. Jonathan Araujo says:

    How can an image be different from exposing 8 minutes, from say, 30 seconds
    or 1 minute? Any experienced photographer could give me a hint?

  5. maxwellsmart1003 says:

    wow – Doug with 4 dozen tips in 6 minutes. I love the speed of the British,
    running until 5 o´clock tea-time. Me asking the next time a little bit
    slower or split it into 4 videos. Otherwise – great video. Thanks a lot.
    And get a cookie to the tea. Cheers.

  6. Tennishead21 says:

    Interesting video and fairly helpful tips. I like Doug’s presentation
    style. :) 

  7. Gary Coomber says:

    Great video thank you 

  8. Louis Ballz says:

    Very helpful info. Thank you

  9. Henrik Palshøj says:

    Excellent video.

  10. poh ping says:

    Landscape Photography Tips: Stay Focused with Dou…:

  11. ye nay says:


  12. Jeff Rzepka says:

    That’s totally wrong you need to underexpose the background by 1 stop at
    least and then use a Flash for Fill set to High Speed Sync so you can shoot
    at 2000/40000 th of 1 sec or there about which is above the cameras max
    setting which probably is only 200th of 1 sec and when you see the
    difference you will thank me :-) 

  13. dukenu casper says:

    Would be more interested to know the video camera’s setting when you did
    the backlight streaking through her arm and head..her skin tones are
    desaturated and it looks “airy” at 5:18 or so. Tell me the settings please

  14. jd641 says:

    When you mention going into manual focus mode is it an issue with that
    particular lens or the cameras focus system not being able to find its
    target with so much light shining at it? I’ve shot some images in almost
    direct sunlight such as this but the autofocus on my D300 hasn’t given me
    trouble when I need to find my subject.

  15. Andrew Tang says:

    Awesome tutorial. My favorite look was 5:26 (sun on top). What’s your
    opinion of using a reflector to brighten the subject’s face when sun is
    positioned behind the model?

    BTW, you sorta look like Emma Watson

  16. Claudia Rios says:

    Great job! I am a rookie photographer and I can honestly say, I learned
    some good tips form you today. Please keep posting. :)

  17. Daniel De Kind says:

    Could u make a video on how to become a freelance and how u get the
    services u do right now? :D I’d like to know because I may want to become a

  18. Lweendo Emmanuel says:

    Awesome tutorial! All your tutorials have been really helpful, please keep
    posting more :) 

  19. sababayybe says:

    A few years ago, back when I was more into graphic designing, I followed
    your blog ( religiously! Completely forgot about it until I,
    by some miracle, stumbled upon your channel. :) Love your work and
    subscribed :D 

  20. Rattu says:

    I’d like to add a tip. For backlit photos it is helpful to use spot
    metering to help the models face be more exposed(not that it was needed in
    this video)

  21. David Barcelos says:

    love your videos…i subscribed your channel,,,,please subscribe my
    channel…thanks in advance =)

  22. Abhishek Dey says:

    wonder who would be the photographer to take the pictures of ‘the
    photographer’… ;)@jessica.. 

  23. AudioTechinca says:

    Helped me alot!! these are my favorite kind of video that you do, thank you
    so much!

  24. Marcos Gonzalez says:

    Excelente. Gracias por tu trabajo! 

  25. Silentbreez1 says:

    Where/how do you get these supercute gorgeous models…. There’s none
    available here unless you pay which as a hobby photographer I can’t do… 

  26. Kaybee says:

    Two videos in less than a week? I love it! Please post more of your BTS
    videos. BTW, which lens did you like for this shoot, the 35 or the 50? I
    love my Sigma 50/1.4 on my 5DMk2 but sometimes I feel like it’s still a
    little bit too wide. I know Lara Jade and Sue Bryce use the 35 for their
    shots, but what’s your take on it?

  27. Uillihans Dias says:

    Hi Jessica! Purely out of curiosity… Why ISO 250 when you could safely
    use a lower shutter speed? Honestly just curiosity!

  28. Stefanie Pellens says:

    Great tutorial! Thank you very much. But what about the editing in
    Photoshop? Could you please make a tutorial about that?

  29. Brooke Turner says:

    Loved this video! Do you mind checking out my video?! Thanks! 

  30. Vellvet Moon says:

    I absolutely adore your videos!
    They help me so much and give me the motivation that I need, so for that
    Thank you so very much :)

  31. Ion Z says:

    What metering mode did you use for this portraits??? Is it spot metering?? 

  32. Ptar Mwithiga says:

    Great work I learnt alot

  33. андрей воронин says:

    Модель боится фотографироваться))

  34. bambams87 says:

    This was so helpful, I have been looking for a tutorial like this forever!
    Thanks so much :)

  35. Mohamed Bbo says:

    Jessica u are amazing :) and i like your shoes :D

  36. Yovel Rodoy says:

    Thank you for this tutorial!!!
    greetings from Israel. 

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