“I Woke Up Like This” is About Embracing Natural Feminine Beauty (Slightly

“I Woke Up Like This” is About Embracing Natural Feminine Beauty (Slightly
The only people I could photograph where friends. But once I turned sixteen, I was invited to shoot some work for a non-profit called Small Planet Big Plans. Only thing was, I had to pay my own way. At sixteen, you don't really have resources for that …
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Crowdfunding photography projects – how safe is your cash?
It is easy to get hooked in with promises of being the first to get your hands on a new product, signed copies of a photography book or perhaps an invitation to a special event as a reward for making a pledge. But how safe is your cash and what risks …
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Photoshop at 25: A Thriving Chameleon Adapts to an Instagram World
Low-end photo editing apps are becoming popular — fast. Adobe may not be reacting quickly enough to them. And when you reach out to new types of customers, you could offend the old ones who supported the business for decades. Will they find a …
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