How to get yourself noticed as a Professional Photographer

How to get yourself noticed as a Professional Photographer

I was recently interviewed about my thoughts on running a professional photography business. If your camera and knowledge are tools for making you money, thi…
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25 Responses to How to get yourself noticed as a Professional Photographer

  1. Todd Gilmore says:

    thanks… you should check out my photo’s as well.

  2. mackydread says:

    I’ve found these videos and thoughts very helpful and I AM a professional
    with twenty years experience! I’m completely self taught and had a
    reasonable good career and done some very interesting work, but as I said
    I’m self taught and made a lot of mistakes especially on the business side
    of things and paid the price for it. Also the recession hit me hard
    followed by an injury which left me out of the game for three years. This
    game can be a lonely business no matter how many models come through your
    door & you can lose sight of things you need to do no matter how simple
    they may seem to others. So even the statement “You may not be as good as
    you think you are'” can make you rethink your work. A lot of what Karl has
    said here I’ve already done but some things have hit home to me. Now my
    injury is on the mend its time I actually created images as good as I think
    I can produce, need to get a new site sorted as well so I’d better get on

  3. Marius Mocan says:

    Those 43 dislikes are probably the bad photographers who aren’t making it. 

  4. Cody Svoboda says:

    uhhh durrr take great photos, let people see them. durrrrr,end of story. 

  5. Kevin DiOssi says:

    You are, by far, one of my favorite and more respected photographers out
    there. Great interview.

  6. juuonse says:

    One can be an absolutely brilliant photographer with a fantastic portfolio,
    yet lack all the basic skills of tutoring and teaching making him a
    horrible educator. Same thing applies the other way around as well. One can
    be a fantastic educator with all the possible knowledge about the theory of
    photography, yet not have the creative artistic eye a photographer needs.

    Personally, I’d pick the latter as an educator.

    You cannot judge a person’s ability to educate someone based on something
    which requires a totally different skillset.

    Now, if one has both the creative eye and the skillset of an educator then
    you have a match made in heaven. Yet, you should also take in consideration
    the persons pricing. I’m a starting photographer and planning to put up
    workshops for the people who have just bought a camera and have no idea
    what ISO or shutter speed are. I don’t have a strong portfolio yet I’m an
    excellent educator (sounding selfish, maybe, yet I know thise for sure).
    I’d say I’m far more than qualified to explain and illustrate these
    concepts. Would I put up a workshop about a four light studio setup?
    Absolutely not because I’ve never done it nor don’t know the theory behind

  7. Lauren Ashley says:

    AWESOME advice!!

  8. Rav Holly says:

    One of the best no nonsense videos I have seen from a Pro Photographer on
    YouTube!! Thanks

  9. Bartholomew Bochenski says:

    Karl I definitely admire your work, but do not agree with everything you
    are saying “reputable clientele” to be a great photographer. 

  10. andreas wheeler says:
  11. Naked Zombies on Skates says:

    I would love to be your apprentice …

  12. Karl Hans says:

    What’s so difficult about clicking on a button to take a picture? lol

  13. johan bauwens says:

    Actually some photographers make more money by giving courses, ads on
    websites, selling stuff etc instead of taking or selling pics. I’ve noticed
    that in photography it’s not just important what you know, but above all
    WHO you know. That doesn’t mean Karl Taylor isn’t a great photographer.

  14. kaiwalya rangari says:

    Just saw the video.. great and you have explained it superbly.
    also visited your website. Nice Work..

  15. Bolajy James says:

    Photography is who i am

  16. Ramon Heard Jr says:

    The one thing you said which I was just telling my wife was that a lot of
    photography is to 2D, predictable and people just fall for it.

  17. DiAnte Johnson says:

    #Preach …the truth hurts.

  18. BlazeOfJoy says:

    I will disagree about that whole “compare to the best ones” yeah obviously
    You have to develop yourself but market is open for everyone. In market
    there is place for people that do okey work like in factory charging 600
    quid for it and there is place for artist that will blown your head and
    charge 5000 quid for wedding. If someone do not have talent they can still
    be successful, maybe they will work way more to achieve standard of life
    that someone how is better can afford in easier way.

  19. Roaming Britain says:

    He said it in one..You Have To Take Great Pictures…! Iv`e seen people
    take Great pictures with crap cameras and seen plenty of people take really
    bad photo`s with expensive ones. Be critical about your own pictures don`t
    try to like them when you know their poor, take it on the chin and chuck em
    in the bin, then start again.
    If your new to photography don`t use the cheap lenses they give away with
    cameras, buy the body them get a prime lens say 28 or 50 mm and work only
    with that, the standard of your images will determine how well you might
    do, Oh ! and how hard you work. My tutor said ` If you want to make loads
    of money do something else, or be prepared to…..Work Work Work.

  20. Wasiu Saba says:

    I enjoyed watching every bit of this! Thanks so much for the advice!

  21. Ramon Heard Jr says:

    Out of all the videos I’ve watched to try and educate myself to be a better
    photographer you are the best. What’s the course for your videos.

  22. Noom Miyamoto says:
  23. Peter Mulhearn says:

    Good stuff Karl, especially re portfolios. Them that can do. Them that
    can’t teach.

  24. raymond jefferson says:

    what sort of images should your portfoilo have in it and where should u go
    to set a website up

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