Fundamentals of Digital Photography: Common Misconceptions

Full course available: In this clip from his creativeLIVE course, Fundamentals of Digital Photography 2013, John Greengo shatters the co…
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25 Responses to Fundamentals of Digital Photography: Common Misconceptions

  1. Barky Von Schnauzer says:

    OMG!This is fantastic. Thanks I needed this..

  2. ARTWIST says:


  3. Gaston Synnott says:

    Useful and dynamic, thank you!

  4. Nipun Fonseka says:

    thank you buddy… this is awesome lesson for me… 

  5. Tina Giles says:

    GREAT! What every photographer – starting or experienced should know…. 

  6. 580ex2 says:

    Excellent teacher. Youtube video’s that keep my attention for longer than 2
    minutes are rare, not because of the content but the speaker making me
    nervous . The pleasant voice, well prepared text , the right speaking rate
    makes this excellent video pleasant to follow . The examples are indeed
    recognizable and very well illustrating the theory. The video makes it
    possible to show things in a way a printed book cannot and this is exactly
    why this video is the perfect addition for all the good books we have on
    our shelves.
    When I look at the negative comments : they com form people looking for som
    dirty tricks that will show them to take fantastic pictures .. I wish tem
    all the luck they can get and they choose the wrong video, please read the
    title . And even if you try one of the tricks you found in these 2 min
    video’s you will discover it is not as easy as it looked. Good pictures
    take time and practise and shooting a lot of photo’s.
    It takes more than being a high rated professional photographer to be a
    good teacher.. John Greengo is both.
    Thank you for sharing this, I’ll be watching this again and again ..

  7. The Imaging World says:

    Learning these misconceptions will make you a better photographer.

  8. ikola one says:

    this is veeeery very good, very objectiv photo lesson ! all the visual
    tricks and the difference between eye/brain vs taking pictures. bravo ^^

  9. Dante Reves says:

    Thank you a lot for that video, I’m not a photographer but an amateur
    illustrator and some of the things you mentioned really helped me out!

  10. Carlo Pietroniro says:

    I like your lessons, thank you

  11. Michael Hubertz says:

    Using photography to fake your imagination into reality… Great!!

  12. Christian Osbakk says:

    Do you even have an audience in ur presentation room ? ;) Terribly quiet
    behind the camera! Learned some new stuff so thnx for that!

  13. Vincent Leverenz says:

    The Common Misconceptions Of Photography – I can relate to this video. I
    think at one time in every photographer’s life, at least a few of these
    issues has come up. My say on this is, it only makes you better when you
    see your mistakes. These mistakes are what makes people want to watch
    videos like this and learn the nitty gritty. Thanks for the great vid.

  14. OnlinePhotographyCourses says:

    this is a great lecture on photography fundamentals… I am just starting
    to get going with a photography business and even these basics are helpful
    to have again.

  15. janizky says:


  16. cindy a says:

    Mmmmm taking pictures is easy. You just point and click. However, taking
    GREAT pictures is not easy.

  17. Madamnesia says:

    troppa teoria

  18. Heyyyoitsme says:

    this was pretty amazing! :)

  19. Hanaw Hax says:

    i enjoyed every minute of this video, thanks for sharing

  20. Rtu Rtur says:

    Alltough being photographed with obama is one of the worst things that can
    happen to you, the video in itsself and the presented fundamentals are
    really really helpful!

  21. 2VisionsPhotography says:

    Great video. You give every photographer the main reason why we are
    photographs. And to everyone else who is loving taking pictures. Thanks

  22. Irlene Flansburg says:

    I actually like the low light penguin shot lol

  23. n8sfolly says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing. I hope those new to photography manage to
    stumble across this video. It could shorten their learning curve
    considerably! A great video on photographic perspective. Thought provoking,
    and a window to the tools that help create create vision. It has taken me
    years of play to learn some of the lessons you manage to convey in minutes.

  24. Kasparas . says:

    Those are not so terrible pictures at the beginning! they have some aura.

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