Fake a Pro Photographer

We get one newbie photographer and have 1-week to train him up to fake it as a pro photographer, then he will face 1 real pro tog in a final challenge where …
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Photography Tips : How Do I Become a Professional Photographer?

Professional photographers make their living by taking photos, so they must decide if working days revolve around photography. Become a professional photogra…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to Fake a Pro Photographer

  1. partyprash2000 says:

    in case you missed it.
    Photographer: What kind of photography do you do?
    Newbie: Lingerie
    Photographer: Lingerie? Oh , good!
    Newbie: Mens Lingerie…..

  2. manansis86 says:

    I actually like a few of the beginner pics and didn’t like some of the pro

  3. Eric Smith says:

    I busted out laughing when he said …
    OMG what kind of pose is that, That’s hulk hogan Lol 

  4. Host47 says:

    You guys picked a dummy for this. Frustrating to see him not even trying.

  5. Jeremy Remele says:

    Just based off that dudes body language and facial expressions, a child
    could’ve deduced he was a fake.

  6. Paul Moore says:

    I thought the newby did a surprisingly good job all things considering. But
    was really surprised at how poor the, so called, pro’s work was. Not up to
    pro standards in my opinion going by these images. There are some really
    good professional photographers out there who are worth paying good money
    to; but, research is needed to find them. PS: I’ve been a photographer for
    over 40 years.

  7. Nick Pearson says:

    “the highlights are blown. STOP it DOWN… BOKEH”

  8. Joshua Burton says:

    This guy knows his stuff, but man he’s a fucking prick. 

  9. canturgan says:

    There is a Channel 4 programme (UK) made a while back called “Faking It”
    which did this exact challenge but it was a provincial NHS radiographer
    that had to fake being a cool London fashion photographer. Very
    entertaining and strangely exciting. Watch it here

  10. long thor says:

    this should totally be a tv show call noob vs pro…can u tell the

  11. calum films says:

    I’m from Dundee Scotland

  12. Bearded Fist says:

    I would love to have a week of tutelage from ya. ha ha.

  13. Tompika23 says:

    I really liked the show! :D
    Funny as hell :D after seeing the photos of the fake pro, it was not a
    question any more who is the real pro :)
    Yau made great picture! 

  14. That Weird Kid says:

    I’m 13 and know how to work that camera without a manual

  15. Kiltynachess says:

    This frustrates me.

  16. Randy Park says:

    How is he so impatient with him? or is this suppose to be funny?

  17. George Georgopoulos says:

    When in doubt shoot on Auto, lol

  18. Timothy Paperno says:

    So, not any dummy can pick up a digital camera and take pro quality
    pictures! Sure you can get a pretty one as we saw, but back to back, not so

  19. nasachusetts says:

    His teacher was a snobby arsehole I’d like to see his pro stuff. The pro
    in the video’s last shot had way too much empty space.

  20. Gilgamesh Uruk says:

    99% of a photo is subjective, 1% technical skills

  21. Bee ShopCS says:

    Thank s but you are talkative and useless talk not instructor way to tech. 

  22. Mauricio catón artabe says:

    hey Yau fucking sucks and the dummy even more 

  23. jordan main says:

    We need more “Fake a Pro Photographer” videos!

  24. Chris Yarzab says:

    Fake a Pro Photographer: http://youtu.be/s0JQfoMZbTM

  25. Vaughn Sigal says:

    what did hear then

  26. Drew Cavanaugh says:

    Professional(my opinion): Making more than 75% of your main income at that
    particular “profession”. Hence I am a professional fishing guide, however I
    am, for now, a semi-professional photographer. I incorporate my photography
    and videography into my charter business. I am hoping one day to start
    doing photography more and more as my main line of work.

  27. Ryano R says:

    good point !

  28. KyleUmby says:

    your right i hate when underground pipes floads my backyard. backyard
    floading is the worst

  29. Recon9143 says:

    YEAH REALLY… you think being a plumber is funny?? lol the next time some
    of your underground pipes break and floads ur backyard 98% chance u call a

  30. Matthew Chen says:

    good vid

  31. drake1990 says:

    hey what about if your study in university. i did art and design but move
    to photography.

  32. sharmie Bargamento says:

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  33. overratedvirtue95 says:

    Very informative for a newbie like me. I also get some good pointers from
    thephotographyclinic (.) com

  34. Brandon Wold says:

    No, he used segue as a verb.

  35. Dale Leppert says:

    I liked this but have a question. it sounded to me like you implied that
    you really do not need any formal training. can you speak about this. How
    valuable is the formal training? It is really going to help me? can i
    really expect to make any serious money at it in the future without some
    sort of actual degree? Thanks.

  36. MrThomas11111111111 says:

    hi i want to make a bitt of money with making pictures but how? and i am
    only 13 years old i don’t now if that is something to worrie about but i
    really love taking pictures sorry for english ( i am dutch)

  37. joshua phillips says:

    Wow your amazing i’m jst using my DSLR D80 Nikon ;)

  38. gunhimdown says:

    @LoveKyannah haha, im sure

  39. imanaughtylittleboy says:

    good stuff, thanks for this

  40. Justin COONEY says:

    I’m a kid I’m using a ipad and apps

  41. Ben Smerglia says:

    @TO4ST No…he used “segue” as a noun. “That’s a great segue…”. If he’d
    said “that is how you segue…”, it’d be a verb.

  42. xbatusai says:

    Mario Bros?

  43. Alicialovesyuh says:

    Follow me on Instagram @simplyalicia_x3 I want to be a photographer

  44. Emmanuel Simone says:

    Hey thanks man,you seem like a nice great dude.I’m one of those guys are
    jst doing this for fun and wnna learn how to take nice pics.Thanks for the
    tips and your thoughts.

  45. CasualMaggot says:

    i like your philosophy, It actually can be translated to any dream job.
    It’s like they say… money doesn’t buy happiness. I know you can get what
    you always wanted with money, but how you own them, is a part of your life,
    and is part of makes your life worthwhile. Hating your job is never a part
    of a completely happy life. You can have kids and a wife that loves you,
    but to hate your job,.. it wouldn’t overlap the joy of the wife and kids,
    but it’s not as good as it could be.

  46. DecaPete says:

    Awh, wth? He used Segway as a verb.

  47. miss renee says:

    Photography is dying out by the sheer numbers of people entering the field
    and the amount of post production software to make a bad photo passable..
    Regrettably, most of these “photographers: don’t train properly and
    stagnate at a lousy, passable level. Even worse, the customer often doesn’t
    know the difference. Anybody can market themselves into a professional
    photographer gig, but become a real photographer is a bigger subject.

  48. MooseFactoryFilms says:

    hii , great vid : ) im 14 and im seriously intrested in photography
    afterdoing it for nearly 2 and ahalf yearsi have worked alongsome great
    photographers and evenshot at accrington stanley with the official
    photographer buti cant understandhow you getreally noticed and get your
    photosout thereand makelots ofmoney off my images , it got mee thinking as
    i know there is so much competition in photography and i think iwant to
    make alivingoffphotography soo howdo i get my photos out there?cheers :D

  49. LoveKyannah says:

    @gunhimdown Do you know how many PEOPLE DIE because your simple
    comment/actions? You’re NOT thinking. Comment/Troll on a video and make
    sure that person is self conscious WITH low self-esteem.. Hopefully, we’ll
    see your username in the Daily News the next day because you don’t
    understand how painful your comment was. & If you’re too slow to fully
    understand what I mean, I’m basically saying that person committed suicide
    because of YOUR comment/actions. How do you feel now?

  50. Recon9143 says:

    plumbers make good money

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