EASYDSLR Digital Photography Course for Beginners (Blue)

EASYDSLR Digital Photography Course for Beginners – Get free tips from course here – http://easydslr.com/easydslrtips.html Get all the Photo Basics you need …
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25 Responses to EASYDSLR Digital Photography Course for Beginners (Blue)

  1. uglyeddie1957 says:

    Didn’t learn a damn thing

  2. cayla jeffrey says:

    i love photgraphy but my camera has gone missing how can i keep practicing
    photography plz help

  3. WonSeob Shin says:

    +cayla jeffrey Then use your smartphone.

  4. spontaneousmc says:

    This intro is way too long

  5. bob hosie says:

    does it matter if i do not have a cannon? I just bought a Pentax k-30, I
    love taking pictures of swamps! I’m new to all this DSLR, and I’m anxious
    to learn. The reason i got the k-30 was, it is weather sealed and i like
    going into places where a weather sealed camera is a must!

  6. heine jensen says:

    Photography lesson in 360p.. 

  7. Ganesh Babu says:


  8. Lekha Sri says:

    Completely an one-stop shop for photography enthusiasts and novices. I use
    a Nikon D3100, 18-55mm standard kit lens. I feel the clarity of pictures,
    when zoomed to the highest resolution possible, is destroyed and the
    outcome totally looks like the ones that are clicked using mobile camera.
    I’d like to know the manual settings like ISO, shutter speed and aperture
    values for better quality pics using the kit lens until I get a new 50mm
    F/1.8D. Thanks in advance.

  9. rheamark2001 says:

    Got the review website and I’ve seen your photo blogs too, you have some
    great pictures and a lovely family. I think I made up my mind, I’ll be
    getting the Canon 60D.

  10. kendpc says:

    Hi, Page 11 of DPreview’s thorough review shows you Noise comparisons
    dpreviewDOTcom/reviews/canoneos60D/11 I hope that helps – I am not going to
    have time to do a review that’s as in depth as DPReview – but I have a lot
    of experience with the camera and know it takes great shots. I have a lot
    of examples in my Gallery at my Blog –
    digitalphotocentralDOTcom/category/galleries/ (replace DOT with .)

  11. rheamark2001 says:

    Hi Ken, you mentioned here in your video about Canon 60D, can you do a
    technical review about it coz I think I’m getting one. If you can’t it’s
    OK. Thanks.

  12. WolFenStein ETM says:

    please music name

  13. RaViNgJoNeS says:

    Okay thank you very much and keep up the great videos

  14. kendpc says:

    I agree – Andy has some great shots :)

  15. rheamark2001 says:

    Thanks, Ken I’ll look at it.

  16. kendpc says:

    Canon 5D and Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L lens

  17. mohammed helal says:

    Thank you ,, great

  18. rheamark2001 says:

    Can you review the camera’s performance, how it handles with the L lenses
    particularly the 24-70m f2.8. How’s the noise management on high ISOs?

  19. lorena99755 says:

    I have a canon camera but i dont remember the model. I want being a good
    photographer with my camera someday.

  20. kendpc says:

    I have used the Canon 60D since December 2010 and I find it a great camera.
    I can’t recommend it highly enough for the price range. DPreview.com have
    done an extensive review (plus a bunch of other sites). If there is
    anything specific I can answer for you about this camera – I think that
    would be more useful. Anything specific you want to know?

  21. kendpc says:

    I am confident you won’t be disappointed. I forgot to mention a student of
    mine (Gold member) bought a Canon 60D before going to Disneyland – he got
    some amazing shots. You can see some of Andy’s shots at the end of the
    testimonial video I have – easydslrDOTcom/testimonials/andy/ (just copy
    into browser and change DOT to a .)

  22. RaViNgJoNeS says:

    What body and lens ?

  23. rheamark2001 says:

    Thanks Ken, I saw Andy’s testimonials and his sample photos, their great.

  24. kendpc says:

    “Let’s have FUN” SoundProdigy Guruworkshop from Audiojungle

  25. FreeYourMind says:

    could you please have a longer into

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