DOT encourages North Carolinians to cycle this month

DOT encourages North Carolinians to cycle this month
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The state Department of Transportation is encouraging North Carolinians to get out and pedal this month. May is National Bike Month and the department encouraging people to exercise on their bikes and communities to participate in …
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Wait for name of baby princess
The name of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's baby daughter could be announced by her parents today. William and Kate may tell the world what they will call their second child who was born yesterday and introduced to the world at a photocall outside …
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Cinematographer Eve Hazelton Explains the Five Pillars of Exposure
Photographers and filmmakers alike need to understand the basics of controlling the exposure of an image. It's one of the foundations of their crafts. Cinematographer Eve Hazelton does a wonderful job of explaining the five ways to expose an image in …
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Clegg warning on new Tory coalition
Nick Clegg has issued a warning that he is not prepared to tear the Liberal Democrats apart in order to enter into a second coalition with the Conservatives. The Deputy Prime Minster said it would be a "disaster" if the party split under the pressure …
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