Digital Photography Secrets: Taking Great Outdoor Portraits For Dummies

Ever wondered how professional photographers take such great outdoor portraits? Using your camera’s flash is the key. In this tutorial, discover the ins and …

25 Responses to Digital Photography Secrets: Taking Great Outdoor Portraits For Dummies

  1. Naomi Ng See Quan says:

    Flash looks horrid and unnatural .. onto the next video…

  2. Lauren Ashley says:

    this was really interesting! such a huge difference with flash.. I usually
    just adjust the ISO or F-stop to fix the lighting but I may just try this

  3. anubis2006noe says:

    This video is SO WRONG on so many levels. Horrible that she’s trying to
    show how to shoot with a built in flash. If you want to do professional
    photography, but at least two flashes and some pocket wizards if your
    camera doesn’t already have remote sends. Take this video down please, the
    misinformation of this video is WRONG! 

  4. Fease Yough says:

    Cool, I have a question, I want to join the military and I want a job in
    photography. I dont want to be an actual photographer or a journalist or
    nothing like that. What I had in mind was the person who holds the
    reflector when the photographer is taking the picture. I dont want to be
    the photographers assistant though cause then that requires doing more work
    like carrying his bags and all his equipment around with him and other hard
    stuff like that, I am looking for a job that only specializes in holding
    the reflector, do they have that in the military?

  5. Adam Thomas says:

    use the flash dumb bitch xD

  6. na0mina0mi says:

    Wow… Does she even know anything about photography? No flash. Especially
    pop up one.

  7. DimensiiioN says:

    Horrible! She’s the Dummie! Never use that crappy built in flash…

  8. Michael Truitt says:

    She needs to just buy a point and shoot… She wasted her money on that
    camera xD

  9. abodd wardak says:

    FDBD= for dummies by dummies 

  10. Dirt Farmer says:

    The pictures with flash don’t look good at all. Bad advice.

  11. Preston Fansler says:

    I love how when you started taking photos of her you switched to a higher
    end nikon than the kit you were holding.

  12. SuperClassyTv says:

    don’t use flash outdoors…she is wrong

  13. Charlie Bourgeois says:

    did i just go back in time?

  14. Audrey Wilmot says:

    Love your tutorial but. i love my Panasonic Lumix.FZ70 60X ZOOM CAMERA how
    can i apply whats in your books to me and my camera

  15. Michael Truitt says:

    This is horrible…

  16. MTCR says:

    What about using a reflector insted of the flash?

  17. Weird Unicorn says:


  18. muriel villegas says:

    i got a nikon camera and i shoot with flash and i get nice photos, i don´t
    need to get all those accesories to get a good picture, is nice that some
    people take better photos but i wont pay for them when i can get my own
    photos without spending a fortune.

  19. Danyelle Pinnington says:

    i rather photo shop it so i know its all even , so it doesn’t show the
    bruising , or scars, or eve vanes . so the built in flash is horrible i
    barely use it.

  20. knotha says:

    cheeers, onboard flash on a dslr…
    The only purpose of onboard flash is to trigger an off-camera flash.
    And a on-camera flash always looks unnatural for the simple reason that the
    position of the light is simply unnatural. Sure it light up the face but
    the on-camera flash is not a good solution. Better use a reflector instead.

  21. j hu says:


  22. chris cratos says:

    I think this is basic sfor non pro’s. Most people taking photos are not
    professionals and do not have all the expensive gear.

  23. Keith montgmery says:

    thank you great tip

  24. Jasmeen Kumari says:


  25. nz rockdj says:

    What a dumb ass bitch .. using your on board flash is the worse thing you
    can do.

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