Digital Photography – Portfolios Super Secret Project time again, this is where I give you digital photography tips that will help you grow as a photographer. This week…

Follow Mark on Twitter: @jmarkwallace In this episode Mark explains how to balance studio strobes with ambient light when shooting outside. Behind the scenes video:
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50 Responses to Digital Photography – Portfolios

  1. Ronny Dahl says:

    With those photo books how does the image line up when putting a landscape
    across two pages??
    I have used blurb through Lightroom a few times before and putting images a
    cross two pages has not worked at all, about 1/4 of an inch is lost in the

  2. stimuncy says:

    What about for video

  3. Danny Baker says:

    Nice beautiful video photography, you can also publish in Youpic.

  4. DanKPhotography says:

    Great video, love the idea using adorama pix book as a portfolio (might try
    it my self for my first portfolio. I’m currently working on my first
    portfolio trying to spread my name out now and get my first few gigs in
    photography. Im only in high school so thanks for your advice love your
    videos mate.

  5. Jared Polin says:

    @mipmipmipmipmip sweet.

  6. Jared Polin says:

    @kmarriner that is pretty close, i do that because i do not crop my images
    and want to show them full frame

  7. Djordje Sesirlija says:

    Hello there, do you know “photo SFX art” (just do a Google search for
    it…)? On their website you can watch a useful free video explaining the
    way to make impressive photos. It made it easier for Joe to make
    photographs which have that wow-effect whenever you look at them. I hope it
    will work for you as well.

  8. Alejandro Zuleta says:

    Jared, can you do a tutorial or something like that for this?, of how start
    doing a portfolio or “where should I start doing a portfolio?” and things
    like that… Is just an advice. That’ll be a lot helpful, at least for me.

  9. Alina Rogers says:

    what did u study in college?

  10. Connor Moore says:

    Yeno what, cant believe i never thought of that haha. Thanks mate

  11. earliozz says:

    Hey Jared! Nice informative video on portfolios man! I’m currently in the
    process of getting my portfolio printed. I’m getting the same size book as
    yours at AdoramaPix (9×12). what is the actual size of the Vertical
    pictures in your book? i don’t want to crop my vertical pictures..Thanks
    for your input bro! – Earl

  12. Connor Moore says:

    Please do reply. does AdoramaPix deliver to the UK if so, how much is
    delivery costs ?

  13. IABoomerTube says:

    Fro may know photo, but Fro needs to study the apostrophe, which wasn’t
    necessary here.

  14. TheawesomeAmy11 says:

    On the website under the price list the book you have is the second one to
    the bottom one, correct?? the 12X9

  15. Juan Delgado says:

    omg thanks you jared!

  16. kentuckyfriedmeat96 says:

    How much would a book like that cost?

  17. Jared Polin says:

    @earliozz Honestly not sure, drop it in full frame scale it down than see
    what looks right without cropping.

  18. Connor Moore says:

    My printer fucks up the prints, I have a good Canon Printer but it prints
    out darker than what it was on screen and also with white edges?

  19. kharrison1095 says:

    I have a D3100 and i am trying to start up in photography. the biggest
    issue is finding things to photograph. Where do you usually find the best
    places to start? I found that sports photography is probably going to be
    one of my favorite things to shoot, so what should i get for a lens in this
    case? and how do you quickly lock one person into focus when running,
    jumping, etc.? thanks for the help!

  20. Brandon says:

    I’ve seen a few other comments addressing the same thing but no response so
    I’ll ask about it as well.. What do you think about electronic portfolios?
    Example the iPad? I have an iPad and I carry it in a nice leather case and
    it looks very professional and I have all of my respectable photos on it.
    Going to start a business in 2011 and I am thinking of using it as my
    portfolio. Pros? Cons? Your thoughts? Thanks again Jared for everything you
    do for us!!!

  21. Jared Polin says:

    @xbrandonolsonx I have an ipad as well and it is good for showing work but
    there is still something to be said when you hand someone something
    physical in the book form that makes them go wow. When they open up to a
    two page spread and boom they get hit with a full frame full page print
    12×18 that makes an impression. I have a whole gallery portfolio of work
    that is 30×45 and 40×60 real prints real freaking big.

  22. Jared Polin says:

    @nwarken nope usually not an issue.

  23. Leo Cabal says:


  24. mipmipmipmipmip says:

    I have that Fisher-Price clock!!!!!

  25. OpCharlieBravo says:

    Damn it, im 3 years late

  26. useraccountant says:

    Would you use spot metering in this scenario?

  27. Kaizen2013v says:

    How would one find the proper aperture on the flash/strobe without a light
    meter on hand?

  28. ordonezfernando says:

    great tutorial as always Mark, thank you for what you do…

  29. sixties00 says:

    Why metering at her throat?????

  30. brekmoxx says:

    Simple and great video, I stop watching others after seeing your channel

  31. thorvold says:

    What if the background is darker then your subject? How do you keep from
    blowing out your subject with the flash?

  32. rykerx says:

    @snapfactory thanks so much mark i love watching your videos and your doing
    an ace job! keep it up i look foward for more :)

  33. snapfactory says:

    @iFaisalTube Thanks!

  34. bensss says:

    Can’t you just use Auto-FP high speed sync so you can use faster shutter
    speeds with flash? That way you’re not limited to the aperture value that
    the metering dictates.

  35. bambatadmi says:

    Dear Mark, You are GREAT. I dont have the Profoto Acute B 600 R but have
    three Nikon SB 800 and triflash adapter and a diffusion box of small size,
    not as big as what you used in this demo. If i dont want to spend any money
    then could I use these SB 800 instead of this demonstrated setup. If yes,
    then do I have to buy the modulator for the sekonic 358 and the pocket
    wizard or just use the slave mode on all three sb 800. Looking forward for
    your reply. Thanks in advance.

  36. José Campos says:

    Hi Mark, great viedo!!! I wonder if you are using a speedlight in this case
    and no lightmeter how do you do it so the f-stop is synced with flash???
    Tanks a lot, Jose.

  37. Flowtime says:

    @crash61 He is probably shooting at 100 ISO. Most of the time, if possible,
    the lowest ISO is the best.

  38. josemx81 says:

    you have a GREAT SHOW. THANKS

  39. trancein305 says:

    very good detailed video.

  40. Erick Marshall says:

    Yes usually i go around with softbox …

  41. stewiek says:

    i guess u gotta set to shutter priority first to get the aperture reading
    then set it to manual right?

  42. vtarchitectdk says:

    Ambient light is actually omnidirectional reflected light. It can be
    natural or artificial.

  43. Bob Smith says:

    Great tutorial again Mark!, 3guys1girlsandfetus. Mark probably used the in
    camera meter to take meter reading of the scene/ambient light. I found out
    as well that if your shooting with sun out and back lighting the subject as
    is in the video, dont meter with the sun in the scene/frame, move to the
    side so the sun is not in the frame…this helps control things a bit

  44. WebJam Studio says:

    So is there any way to get the sync speed higher when shooting outside?
    What if you were using speed-lights or do they not put out enough power?
    thanks for the videos Mark

  45. Rafael Forte says:


  46. walkoncloud1974 says:

    Hi Mark, Thank you so much for sharing the videos!

  47. snapfactory says:

    @webjamphotography Yes, if you use speedlights you can use high speed sync
    or FP sync (depending on brand). Check out my video about high speed sync
    using the pocketwizard mini and flex. Search YouTube with, “snapfactory
    high speed sync” and you’ll see it. The animations explain the difference.

  48. Kevin Dsouza says:

    recently discovered your channel and Im LOVING it. Learning new things.

  49. angel9719 says:

    ok that is what I need to get a light meter. thanks

  50. Mark Yob says:

    what ISO were you shooting at Mark??

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