Digital Photography – How to set ISO

How do you get out of Auto? Why should you get out of Auto?In this video you will start to learn how and why to get out of the auto modes on your Digital SLR…

25 Responses to Digital Photography – How to set ISO

  1. Shardar Bayazid says:

    sir, which one most important for photography? Lenses or Body?

  2. Kobe Alfredo says:

    Hi everyone;
    Where you can find everything you are looking for about digital photography
    would like to recommend an excellent source ..
    I would absolutely recommend it to friends, will certainly be very useful.
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  3. Graham Hobbs says:

    got to love a guy that states *What I say isn’t the gospel* – an big
    respect for your effort and guidance .. TopMan!

  4. Matheus Sobral B. de Melo says:

    +FroKnowsPhoto dude, what did you on camera to have this clear and light
    image on video? p.s. sorry about my english.

  5. Zeead Chopper says:

    i wish i can meet you personnally. there is a lot to learn from you man

  6. Seanny D says:

    Just had my DSLR camera for only three hours and these tutorials are
    helping me phenomenally.

  7. tophtml1 says:

    One of the problems with video is exposure of the background because, on a
    sunny day such as this, the background will be overexposed and blown out as
    the camera struggles to set its exposure on the subject. Since Jared’s
    position was unmoving in the frame, it would have been possible to do a
    couple of things to compensate for the overexposed background while still
    keeping him properly exposed and bright. If he was brought forward in the
    frame and/or the camera angle were steeper, it may have been possible to
    place the blown out portion above his head and then darken that portion
    with a grad. ND filter. Easier than correcting in post and cheaper than
    bringing in the lights.

  8. Ernest NIchols says:

    Love the video’s there interesting to watch …one of the best teachers

  9. Steven Marrero says:

    this was def one of your first videos mr fro lol in
    your later videos you are much more lively 

  10. Ilove Pizza says:

    He’s nice looking… just saying

  11. Valerie Pulsifer says:

    Must compliment you on your ability to break things down. -Is well know
    that only a few pieces of information resonate at a time for many. Each
    shoot, I work on one or two things to make sure I understand them. From
    there I build. Have seen recent videos where its all about the ego and the
    “sell” – ya need to drop that and get back to what you do best…
    teaching. Love your older videos, btw.

  12. Nico Frid says:

    How do you get SO BRIGHT images in video?! 

  13. TinkerBelle1397 says:

    I want to slap this man for some reason but im so turned on at the same
    time…wth lol

  14. norma Roj says:

    Nice! thanks.

  15. jonvaldeeeezy says:

    I’m thinking of getting a Canon Rebel EOS T1i, and i know next to nothing
    about cameras ~.~ what are your guys thoughts on it? I’ve read reviews and
    such however i want to get some more perspectives if you will on it

  16. andre luiz zanini barbosa says:

    Jared. I went to your website and the first set I clicked was MOM. Mad Love

  17. Jana Rose Arts says:

    Love your attitude and approach to the art of photography. There seem to be
    a good amount of “snobby” photographers out there that are more interested
    in discouraging others and putting them down, so it’s great to find someone
    that is knowledgable, yet open minded. Thanks for the great videos! <3

  18. ahoibaradu says:

    very helpfull.thanks a lot man !

  19. Hugh McGrath says:

    I hadn’t noticed Rayan, I was too listening to the message to be

  20. Rebecca Vivoni says:

    Thanks so much Fro man. I’m trying so hard to snap outta auto mode…….
    So thank you for these great informative videos. I do believe I will be
    getting to know you really well……

  21. Rayan Kaniah says:

    you said “you know” more than 10 times

  22. Rayan Kaniah says:

    i don’t know .please explain.don’t always say “you know”

  23. ManOfDeath567 says:

    M for Maybe A for Always S for Sometimes P for Practice ;-)

  24. ted tedsen says:

    when i shoot TIFF With my d800 109mg images no problem the raw uncompressed
    is 75mg and jpg fine up to 31mg bytes

  25. dicel cuna says:

    thanks your guide i got it

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