Digital Photography for Children

Digital Photography for Children

Kids can learn some lasting lessons from digital photography, for example, to balance objects and understand different settings. Many children will take a photograph of a red wheelbarrow over and over again from the same angle, but one of the joys of taking pictures digitally is that children can snap, look at and alter their images both on site and via PC. There’s no such thing as “don’t waste the film,” which is a big appeal of the digital age.

There is a wide range of digital cameras for children available that are hardy, easy to use and have a variety of features such as zoom, edit, video and voice recording. The Kidizoom Twist Range is a good choice as it has a 2-mega pixel camera with a twisting lens and digital zoom, with 256 megabytes of storage with SD card memory expansion. Storing over 500 photos, the Kidizoom Twist can add cool effects to your kids’ pictures and videos, and connects to your TV or PC quickly and easily.

Of course, the lessons you choose will depend on the age and experience of your children. For younger children, lessons such as how to hold a camera and get in close to the object of interest – whether it’s a water tower or a butterfly – is a lesson in perspective, and can cover the zoom feature. A time-tested trick is to take many photos, hundreds of photos!, so children can see an object from many different angles and begin to develop a sense of what looks good.

Older children may like to learn basic photography lessons such as points of interest or focal points, from where they will choose to construct their photographs, and the rule of thirds, which is a way of imagining breaking the image down horizontally and vertically into thirds so that it’s well balanced. Even if this concept is a bit advanced for the beginner photographer, simply explaining to him or her about positioning the subject of the photograph off centre (on the intersecting third points) can be enough to result in some impressive novice pictures.

A final thing that can be enjoyable, affirming and improve your children’s photography is to sit down in front of the computer and go through their shots, pointing out where they’ve succeed and where there is room for improvement. Positive reinforcement at this stage can inspire a child to turn a hobby into a form of art. Browse online to find affordable children’s digital cameras.

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