Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 72: Composing Portraits

Watch this video to learn the do’s and don’ts of portrait photography. Also learn how to break the rules. When can you chop off the top of someone’s head or …
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25 Responses to Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 72: Composing Portraits

  1. Efrain Marcel says:

    Hi everyone
    About digital photography, I want to recommend it to anyone who wants to
    improve himself an excellent resource there. Be sure to review your
    friends, make sure you will have a lot to contribute. Look my first review

  2. Lucid Strike says:

    ‘Crop off’ makes more sense than “chop off”.

  3. sikkinixx75 says:

    very useful, thank you!

  4. Yonathan Zarkovian says:

    Those are great tips. Thank you.

  5. Stu FromOz says:

    Yep should be careful how you chop up your models.

  6. danobot says:

    Where can I find Episode 76 to 201? They’re not in this playlist..

  7. David Rey says:

    Great info Mark as always!!!

  8. Andres Munoz says:

    All your videos are really good

  9. Harut Ilanyan says:

    thank you for all the tips and advice … its priceless :)

  10. KOSTAS TROVAS says:

    Great advices!! Thanks!

  11. The Gull says:

    Great advice. I too like to share what some of the images looks like as we
    go, always brings out a smile in their face to know the photos are coming
    out as good or better than they expect.

  12. Craig Bullen says:

    Great video thank you. 10/10 Effort&skill, but only 6/10 for continuity :o)
    model hair down, then up and finally down again..or maybe I was looking at
    the model more than paying attention to what Mark was saying :oP

  13. Gull Buttqasim says:

    how we take gr8 potrait during the wedding [lz plz plz plz tell setting
    which i use,…..mail me please…

  14. Jeremy Ng says:

    Fantastic tutorial ! Thanks!

  15. whisperingwind7 says:

    thanks for the vid..

  16. erkanerdin says:

    Mark, would you please give some basic tips posing.For instance which way
    should body or the face turn, Or; how to do with the legs and arms etc.?

  17. altitudealchemy says:

    Thanks very much, another great video Mark!!

  18. Heba Ragab says:

    Amazing tips. thank you so much :)

  19. pjoey says:

    very good!!

  20. Simaster says:

    still amazing how little views there are.. spread the word people. these
    lessons are amazing.

  21. emetronic says:

    What about lenses and distance to be preferred while shooting portraits?

  22. knuckles777 says:

    Great video thank you!

  23. Star Muhammad says:

    Great dance moves at the end there Mark LOL.

  24. les vanderhoof says:

    very good

  25. Jeffrey Lai says:

    how should i ask the model to pose?

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