Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 63: Night Shots

In this episode Mark Wallace shows you how to shoot at night using only the moon and stars as your source of light. Outtakes at the end of the video – Coyotes!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 63: Night Shots

  1. Tony Caw says:

    one thing he didnt talk about is how was the people in the shot exposed
    properly. Im sure they didnt stand still for a long exposure. Im assuming a
    high ISO composite of the people. Akyone else have an idea?

  2. Walter Mcmonagle says:

    Great Vid on night shots! I’m an ‘old wrinkly’ trying to take some and also
    getting into Astrophotography With my 650d. 

  3. KTS TRILL FAM says:

    I need help shooting at night 

  4. Ricky Yosua says:

    +Stu Thompson Check this out

  5. Winona Chambers says:

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    be hooked on your site? 

  6. Klaren Ghu says:

    Here are the methods you can sue to master night photography *TrickPhotoEffects.

  7. Freddy Acosta says:

    I see this dude doesn’t answer questions, why even subscribe?

  8. Ryan Ƨmiley says:

    what lens? just looked it up, 2gs

    can u recommend something less pricey?

  9. nanna ferguson says:

    no flash ..Very nice!

  10. duc panigale says:

    Very interesting.

  11. Crutch456 says:

    At first I was thinking….this is crazy…..4 minutes?? I’ve never gone
    beyond 1 minute 15 sec. You’ve just opened my eyes.

  12. Tim Nunyer Bizniz says:

    Night Shots

  13. Marcel Banu says:

    Fotografii pe timp de noapte…

  14. Muhammad Ikhwan says:
  15. TheMassGenocide says:
  16. Roberto Merola says:
  17. Edit Effect Line says:
  18. Roberto Merola says:

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