Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 46: Using Natural Light

In this episode Mark has some simple lighting tips that can help to improve your photos in different natural light situations. Sam’s website: http://www.sama…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 46: Using Natural Light

  1. Clipping Path Experts says:

    I enjoyed video most. Because @Sam done well.

  2. Reago Li says:

    adorama be like

    Natural light ? Pfffffff…….

    here is a 500 dollar SB 910 you should use !

    link down below

  3. SuperFlashDriver says:

    Hi there, is their an episode on indoor lighting with video camera while
    the sun is out? We have mechanical lighting with the natural light outside
    and I need tips for that using the video camera.

  4. François Thibodaux says:

    I love the random corpse laying in the background.

  5. Nigel Salvatore says:

    I really like your teaching through this video :D

  6. Teryakiwok says:

    The Walking Dead at 6:28 !!!

  7. scabbynacker says:

    Did Phoenix PD ever solve the murder?

  8. iTechnology98YT says:

    I didn’t learn anything :’)
    bcz I’ve been only watching Sam’s boobs -.-

  9. chimaera41 says:

    Sam is hot !!!

  10. lopezpisces25 says:

    thank you!

  11. Mazlan Ujang says:

    how come nobody mentioned anything about Kelsie (sorry if i spelled
    wrongly)? the 101 series’ unsung heroin. good job Kelsie!!

  12. Radim Horak says:

    @marxdesign …. hahaha…he could has been a good model when shooting that
    footage :-D

  13. danzubilio says:

    what’s the MUSIC THEME??? 11:49

  14. Vyacheslav Kozlov says:

    I am the man that was sleeping on the ground. Where is my money for

  15. Ίρις Γεωλιέζου says:

    but I like lens flare lol

  16. syafiqzailan says:

    sam is gorgeous..

  17. aajonahv says:

    Canon 24-70 2.8L

  18. padlockd says:

    Thanks a bunch for this video! I’m definitely getting a 5-in1 reflector now!

  19. shonasam840 says:

    @fustah Ya.. I can see that.. :)

  20. WoodenGenius says:

    I’d totally bone Sam

  21. Dodinoo Botka says:

    @davidinho3000 SAM (Subject and model) or somthing like this…

  22. rayne125 says:

    @jlive555 Cuz it’s Sam-a-Graphy :D

  23. FieldsOfQuantum says:

    I see dead people anyone?

  24. jub jub says:

    awesome video, and quite informative. but i’m afaraid to say, the napping
    guest star in the background was my favourite part :-D

  25. snapfactory says:

    @Burhansyla her website link is in the video description.

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