Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 33: Histograms

In this episode Mark discusses histograms and how you can use them to correct your exposure.

25 Responses to Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 33: Histograms

  1. Robb S says:

    This my friend, is the best video about histograms i’ve ever seen.
    Thank you!

  2. metrobum says:

    I finally understand XD THANK YOU

  3. mamiyapress says:

    Very well explained.

  4. Osama Bin Masood says:

    This channel is awesome!!

  5. Milton Matos says:

    excellent!! Mark!! a great job sharing with us your knowledge of

  6. amit kk says:

    Hey Mark, thank you very much. You have a great understanding of how to
    make people understand a concept. Cheers!!!

  7. scotie690 says:

    Thumbs up for Mark! Thank you for such an effective explanation.

  8. structure7 says:

    My mind is blown by how long it took me to find such a great explanation
    for beginners to understand the fundamentals! Thank you!

  9. furqanrauf says:

    are you shooting in auto mode? just wondering because i didnt see you
    changing settings and I learned that in auto camera average out exposure.

  10. Dipankar Das says:

    yes you are an awesome mentor mark

  11. George Kiarie says:

    tom from cougar town nice vid

  12. TaurusPresents says:

    Very good learning vid!!!

  13. seragasebonwe says:

    i see…thank, what about RGB?

  14. Tony Le says:

    I will stick with u guys for the rest of my photography life

  15. Ev Zerv says:

    thank you!

  16. bryceandrewquinn says:

    Mark you are are the man!!

  17. Pasquale Bianculli says:

    The best teacher on youtube!!

  18. FieldsOfQuantum says:

    I grasped it so good that i can tell what’s on the picture by just looking
    at histogram I can tell wheter it is a horse or a banana thanks!

  19. Sieg Martil says:

    @Oskar900318 An andragogical approach is great but consider the learning
    level of the average person and you’ll know why a pedagogical approach is
    ideal :)

  20. israel marino says:

    This Is Awesome Marck!!

  21. Jamaicangurl81 says:

    you’re a good teacher… :)

  22. PeeHooo says:

    What about when those spikes goes top of the histogram, does the camera
    lost some information or what does that mean? And can you explain a
    scenario when you are working with colors and how does it affects to the

  23. Dinahhs3 says:


  24. kauxkaux says:

    absolutely great vid! Thanks

  25. R1000H1 says:

    thank you help a lot

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