Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 13: White Balance

In this episode Mark Wallace discusses how different sources of light affect the colors of your photographs. Mark explains color temperature and white balanc… – Click the link to register your interest in our Early Bird offer for a substantial discount off the launch price of…
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48 Responses to Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 13: White Balance

  1. Glynn Knox says:

    I appreciate all of these videos. Thanks for doing this. 

  2. Subhodeep Ghatak says:

    for setting custom white balance should we use grey card or white card. you
    are using grey card but some people use white. which is the right one ?

  3. MrInfolover says:

    Thanks, so WB only affects JPEG, and not RAW?

  4. Sally Ironic says:

    Well explained.

  5. Marcos Yukio Sanomiya says:

    Unlike Celsius and Fahrenheit, Kelvin is not referred as degrees.
    °C = degrees Celsius
    °F = degrees Fahrenheit
    K = Kelvin

  6. Ahmed Jebreen says:

    Hi there
    Thank you very much . this is very simple and clear for all beginner
    photographers .
    I just wanna ask you about the reason to use a gray sheet instead of white
    and if I’m gonna use a white paper are the results will be the same like
    the gray one .
    Thanks a lot .

  7. CKProductions says:

    Good information, but distracting hands.

  8. Kasparas . says:

    Hey, nice video though i have a question, when shooting with flash, does
    different white balance make any difference in final image?

  9. tontontuason says:

    What’s with the hands? Why do your hands bounce a lot? It is annoying

  10. Marloon says:

    Another excellent tutorial mark! :D Can’t wait for what else is coming up
    this week.


    Hi mark, i really really like these videos and they help a lot, unlike
    other videos out there this one is by far the best and i dont feel
    confused. I’d really like to have a teacher like you at school.thanks

  12. Tomy says:

    But sometimes it’s better to have a warm feeling and having white objects
    appear orange ^^

  13. Pempa Bhutia says:

    i love your program,thank you

  14. Faisal Al Saai says:

    You’re the best, Mark. Can’t get enough of your amazing episodes.

  15. juskor77 says:

    Hi, I found one-touch custom white balance from my Olympus. Thanks for you!
    However I’ve one question. Is that custom white balance useful when using a
    flash? By couple of test photos I noticed that images are even better with
    custom white balance but can I always trust in it? Is it better to just
    take a photo (RAW) with grey card and do the white balance in a computer?

  16. King Ian David says:

    Hey mark when i used my grey card outdoor i got yellow skin tones,why does
    this happen?

  17. Jim knight says:

    coo!!!! :)

  18. tontontuason says:

    What’s with the hands? Why do your hands bounce a lot? It is annoying

  19. toyangel1 says:

    Hi Mark, How about setting your white balance with a flash?

  20. mtriet85 says:

    Hi, I faced a very tricky situation today with outdoor portrait, as I want
    to capture the cloudy sky at 7000 k temp and have to use flash at 5300 k
    temp, I want to capture both subject and background in its’ right color.
    However, set that to both pre set or customs set make photo color appear
    weird on either subject or back ground. How should I over come that.

  21. Nelson Michael says:

    @ncfiv91071 The tutorial clearly says to set it in preset isn’t it?

  22. Pedro José Camino Read says:

    Great! Thanks again for this easy to understand tutorials.

  23. sthenolagniac says:

    Just shoot in RAW. Problem solved. ; )

  24. Tim Sauers says:

    I have seen some that offer Black , White and gray cards, How do you know
    when to use each one. Love the videos they have helped me a bunch

  25. Ryan Shayegan says:

    Great Video

  26. Karin Carney says:

    Thanks for a great video. As a beginner, I really enjoyed it and found the
    tips very useful.

  27. Efrain Marcel says:

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    Where you can find everything you are looking for about digital photography
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  28. Dilly Vue says:

    ok its ok but I dint anything
    I call someone for this

  29. Gigi008 says:

    Thank you for this great tips :)

  30. Learn to Click says:

    Excellent tips – thanks a lot for sharing!

  31. cameratricksandtips says:

    Some great tips here. Especially the anticipation idea. I’m usually a
    little late on my shots and using anticipation to help me catch the shots
    almost before they happen should do the trick.

  32. Fred Jackson says:

    You can get mjojre tutorials at best
    photgraphy information


    Five Digital Photography Tips Including Lighting

  34. Leojpjc says:

    thanks these are really good advices

  35. Amarjit Matharu says:

    a really valuable video on phgrhy thank you

  36. kayla marcum says:

    I believe this video will really help me later in becoming my own
    documentor of my every day life.

  37. Soulfire Airweaver says:

    This is really good advice- it’s just practice & programming your camera to
    see what you see.

  38. Q Brown says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share this. Good stuff!

  39. Mike M says:

    Please don’t feed the trolls. They just get an even fatter head and keep
    coming back for more troll bytes.

  40. gumdrops27 says:

    DUDE this was GREAT info. I listened to the entire thing and definitely
    learned from it. Thanks for taking the time to make this!

  41. Richard Enriquez says:

    and why are you watching this video???jerk!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. frothy85 says:

    I enjoyed your presentation but the sound quality is not great.

  43. renen ansus says:

    thank you for sharing this i feel im inside the classroom with a professor
    in front of me very helpfull

  44. Pixetra Cam says:

    really enjoyed the video. You have really explained at length.

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  47. Dilly Vue says:

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  48. Dilly Vue says:

    i dont care about this video camera are for jerks !

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