Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 1

In this episode Mark explains how the shutter works, shutter sync, and how to control the ambient light exposure while using a flash. Visit us online at: www…

25 Responses to Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 1

  1. HachiPhotography says:

    All good but i wonder what mode your flash was in? And if Manual what power
    was it? I think that is what is missing from this video

  2. LeandroMoretti says:

    Wonderful tutorial

  3. KaVin K says:

    Simple but truly great tutoring

  4. mkvids100 says:

    Good tutorial, but resolution is low

  5. hugh slavitt says:

    I have seen Mark Wallace and his other videos, I always learn something of
    value from his tutorials

  6. gg52409 says:

    I must say “Beautiful video”…although it was an informative one….

  7. merlindgr81 says:

    Keep up the good work

  8. jhe12826 says:

    Mr. Mark, I like this even 3 years ago. I’m gonna view your video tips

  9. Brian Geoghegan says:

    These Videos are absolutely brilliant Mark very easy to follow and learn
    ,thanks a million, Digital Photography and Mark Wallace

  10. Alexandru Ologu says:

    @snapfactory, ah, silly me, I saw like all snapfactory vids and I didn’t
    saw any snapfactory logo, just adorama, then I found adoramatv channel who
    has the same vids and others and that looked more logit, sorry for

  11. crazyoldbastard says:

    This is all the things I already knew but I do appreciate the refresher
    course He’s a good teacher

  12. BetterInfo4U says:

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    CAMERA. I am going to show you how to make money just by using your digital
    camera and submitting your photos online

  13. JimTBell says:

    @godlytroller Sorry I don’t work anymore. “criticize” Try criticise. Of
    course you are a Yank. None of you can spell English words. You still need
    to prove you are an artist which I doubt. I’ll place my work against yours
    anytime. I am not a failed artist. Never wanted to be one. I would suggest
    you grow up and become an adult like the rest of us. Until you prove your
    an artist this debate is now at an end. Bye Yank.

  14. beckhead25 says:

    Thank you sooo much for uploading this. I’m genuinely thankful. like dude,
    If i got to meet you, I’d hug you for this. so helpful, i love you man

  15. Aarao Benchimol says:

    thanks for sharing your knowledge

  16. TeckBio says:

    240 quality is hurting my eyes, but its 2012 now lol

  17. DeJay Nickelbrae says:

    Hello Youtube. I am a young photographer who would like some one to watch
    my videos. It would be greatly appreciated if you took a look :) My name is
    Nicholas Hy

  18. proto35 says:

    dont want to be no spam or troll, but if anyone would like to see my flickr
    just to go /photos/jsierra025/

  19. unknownmaster1987 says:

    nicktaylorphotography(dot)com new tips tricks and style London based

  20. DaMenaCe3 says:

    if the 1/200 or somewhere around there is the speed where the
    curtains/shutters have enough time to fully open before the other one
    starts closing whats the point of having higher shutter speed?? this might
    be a dumb question but if anyone knows anything let me know. I am gonna
    take a look at this shutter speed thing over again because i think i have
    taken pictures at speed higher outdoors, i m not sure i will check again
    with the cam. does anyone have any info/input? thanks

  21. bagoona says:

    What`s ISO?

  22. starlightaoril19 says:

    hey please check out my video *photography* that i made im not a
    professional but i want people to see what i can do and what they think!

  23. Leobert Dalida says:

    i super-LIKE this! first time i learned about sync speed..

  24. venturecapitalalt says:

    interesting video, thanks for info

  25. SuckDeezNutzBitch says:

    Im new to photography and I have a question.. I have a nikon L22 and its
    pretty good for its price. Im actually suprised by the pics it can take.
    But when it comes to capturing birds and other wildlife its kinda hard. My
    main focus in photography is anything wildlife. Mammals, insects, birds,
    etc. What would be the best type of camera for that kind of stuff?

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