Deserted Freeway: Ep 211: Digital Photography 1 on 1

In this week’s episode, Mark shows you how to shoot photos of busy places like freeways, but make it look completely deserted! This technique involves a 9-stop neutral density filter, and can…
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Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 73: HDR Basics

In this episode Mark explains the basics of HDR photography.

50 Responses to Deserted Freeway: Ep 211: Digital Photography 1 on 1

  1. giovanni martinez says:

    i have a 3 stop ND filter would this still work

  2. Bill Dillon says:

    Thanks for the vid. Very impressive technique.

  3. johnny danger says:

    the shot you made at 3:10 are you facing east on the 32nd street overpass
    over looking I10? looks like the 143 off ramp ahead

  4. DFPV says:

    I’m from Arizona!

  5. Thomas Onyango says:

    I just love the bloopers reel!

  6. safeharbor7 . says:

    Thumbs up…

  7. amanullang says:

    Mark, what tripod and tripod head do you use? I’m looking to get one but
    there are so many models out there that I’m at lost.

  8. teratonexplosion says:

    very useful video! Mark is the best :)

  9. NormanVsNorman says:

    Great vid!

  10. Leo says:

    About the color shift: That’s why it’s called neutral, so you don’t get
    color shift, at least in theory.;) Would like to know about autofocus

  11. Stuart Taylor says:

    Wow, fabulous Mark. I have an ND but didn’t realise you could go that far
    with the density. I’ve taken shots at night at a lookout with people in the
    way and as long as they keep moving they disappear and those that have
    paused then moved on look like ghosts. Cheers Mark – love your work!!

  12. UNCLEBOB says:

    Great stuff

  13. scholesville says:

    @snapfactory Hey mark, did you do any postprocessing of the photos, I
    thought using these filters will give you some color cast?

  14. azuremain says:

    Is that possible with variable ND filters or will I get a the X problem?

  15. bwvids says:

    loving the bluppers afterwards too =) lol

  16. Paul Blackman says:

    @damikele80 check the description.

  17. Michele D'Amico says:

    @1rhett1 sorry, I had not read

  18. chris25119600 says:

    Great Tip Mark, like the outtakes ..thanks for sharing

  19. Tjita1 says:

    About autofocus, you’re most likely loosing it with less light. I’m using a
    telephoto extender that takes 4 stops of light, and that stops the af from
    working on all but my most bright lenses.

  20. FAISAL 91 says:

    What about CPL filter for portraits/more contrast? Thank you

  21. kickyourasspls says:

    @Turtlena315 and you should see highway 401 in toronto here :)

  22. Michele D'Amico says:

    what is the model of tripod that you used in this video for your 5Dm2?

  23. enzokh adka says:

    @fryedm you can see in the description and its link !!!

  24. MrMAAKK says:

    Hi, very nice video , I have 2 B+W 77mm ND 3.0 1000X filters (10 stops) ,
    do you think stacking them both and getting 20 stops approx. will work on
    walking people ? …and is there a lot of diffraction risk at F 22 ? I
    haven’t tried it but if someone has , can you please share the results or
    settings and time of the day ,thanks :)

  25. Simaster says:

    Why does a slow shutter speed remove the cars?

  26. marsvegs says:

    thanks for sharing mr.wallace..: )

  27. Levkin says:

    Bracketing (for the most part) is a waste of Memory Card space. A single,
    good shot can be edited in Photoshop using Curves. Usually, move the curve
    up one grid box for an over-exposed photo, and one grid box down for an
    under-exposed photo. 95% of the time you can get great HDR photos with only
    3 photos. Also, Photomatix is far superior to Photoshop for HDR stuff.
    Better looking photos hands down !! Great video as always though, Mark !!!
    Can’t wait for the CreativeLive weekend !!!

  28. wrathletik says:

    original looks better!

  29. LAtrailers says:

    You are awesome, Mark!!

  30. abu1 says:

    thank you very much… this actually solves a lot of problem with lighting

  31. MrFindus1992 says:

    why do these HDR images always look like oil paintings? I don’t get it!

  32. Kelvin Fan says:

    Can you shot one single RAW and change the exposure value and output 3
    image with +/-2 and 0 setting ? In this case, the frame is the same and
    save some matching work (remove ghost) However, I find Photo shop can not
    recognize the EV setting, but other software I choose manually with the
    setting and get some ok result

  33. Joe Shit the Rag Man says:

    @room28ministries well…you could link to your photo blog…

  34. Randolph de Leon says:

    Great stuff! One thing I noticed. Before the gamma tweak, everything was a
    bit better, at least in my point of view. But anyways, Thanks Mark, for
    this great one. :)

  35. phil24photo says:

    I have heard a lot of pros and cons about HDR but never understood what it
    was. Now That I understand it a little more I think I will be trying to see
    what I can do. Thanks for the great training videos you produce!

  36. Joe Shit the Rag Man says:

    Love HDR.

  37. TheTechnoLand says:

    Hi, i was just wondering is it better to do on camera hdr option or the one
    that your showing us?

  38. idro2k says:

    Nice, i’m glad you didn’t do the typical Photomatix tut! Thanks!

  39. franmol01 says:

    @ErnieCosmo totally agree

  40. Aleksander Torset Eriksen says:

    Photoshop can’t replace photomatix on hdr images.. Thats my opinion.

  41. MrMatz45 says:

    @ashkibala1 And if you know, what’s the point?

  42. Fa Rid says:

    You’ve successfully done annoy me saying “HDRI image” all through the
    video, the I is already there to stand for image so why repeating it?
    Thanks though.

  43. zAtt1337 says:

    Or press 9 quikly to see Mark wan….ing :D

  44. Muhamad Hadi Ahmad says:

    overcooked ;)

  45. Snakekilla12 says:

    Mark you’re very entertaining in the bloopers!

  46. Jeff de leon says:

    how about the built in hdr in my slr?does it work good?

  47. myemaildw says:

    isn’t hdr suppose to make picture properly exposed rather than make it look
    like a cartoon picture? because it looks like a cartoon rather than like a

  48. MrMatz45 says:

    @ashkibala1 Pretty dumb question..

  49. Room 28 Ministries says:

    haha, I rock at HDRi. Wish I could link my photo blog.

  50. gmcube says:

    Most of the examples of HDR just look horrible to me. The idea sounds great
    on paper, but rarely does the execution look any good to me. Nothing
    against this vid of course, but the before looks world better.

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