Creating Professional Photography w/ $30 Reflectors – Photography Lighting Tutorial

Learn more about Natural Light Portrait Photography Here: About a month ago, we took on the challenge of shooting an…

25 Responses to Creating Professional Photography w/ $30 Reflectors – Photography Lighting Tutorial

  1. Fadil Karim says:

    Great video! It would definitely be more helpful if you put both the
    before/after pictures right next to each other for easier comparison:)

  2. Photoshopuzr says:

    nice use of reflectors.

  3. CGphotoOp says:

    Nice. Location?

  4. Henrique Silva says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks!

  5. feelda303 says:

    shallow DOF with focus & recompose? how?

  6. SooperHBOMB says:

    Awesome tutorial video my man!!

  7. Dottie Lopez says:

    Why is there such a deference between you Photoshop and Lightroom Edit?
    They should be pretty similar.

  8. Derik Tran says:

    would you rather use a flash if you have one? just wondering as to when a
    flash would be better vs a reflector. thanks! 

  9. bearinch says:

    Thanks, nice! May be the pre-post comparison should be shown more often and
    you can leave out the PS/LR edits altogether, nobody cares, it’s about
    learning the lighting and not post-processing. A friendly tip: you should
    definitely shoot Jessica and the tattooed Yoko should assist you – the
    pictures would look really much better :o)!

  10. Casey Sellers says:

    It’s “lying down”, not “laying down”.

  11. Calvin Murphy says:

    Hey I live there =)

  12. Lourika Reinders says:

    The photo’s are beautiful, wow – I must REALLY get some reflectors, so easy
    to use and they make SUCH a difference, thanks for the video!!!

  13. Horacio Guzman says:

    Good video. However, you got two things wrong: 1. There is no such thing as
    a ¨professional camera¨. Without the photographe, even the most expensive
    camera is nothing but a piece of junk. 2. You forgot to mention that post
    processing is for people who do not know how to use light. Therefore, for
    bad ¨photographers¨.

  14. james james says:

    fook to much talk, do the action..

  15. Lindsey Chamberlain says:

    What size reflector is this? 

  16. afro symphony says:

    ohh am getting a reflector tomorrow!

  17. nischal Gurung says:

    good job thanks for more info

  18. Eric Breen says:

    am I the only one that didn’t like the photoshop edits?

  19. moremoretea says:

    Thank youuuuu for the tip. Wearing flipflop in video shoot = badass

  20. Jeremiah Sorbera says:

    Lighteoom edits look better, please don’t use any scenes between the before
    and after shots. Thanks for your time.

  21. thedrugtherapy says:

    I’m a great assistant

  22. Kirstin Thordarson says:

    what size reflector are you using?

  23. tonycstech says:

    i said it, tattoos are ugly

  24. Michael McPhee says:

    Nicely done thank you, clearly explained. Was this shoot just outside of
    Salt Lake City?

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