Canon EOS 5DS R

Canon EOS 5DS R
Each camera serves very different types of photographers with different use-cases and includes their share of advantages and disadvantages depending on the style of photography. The 5DS R has a pixel pitch of 4.14 microns, whereas the 5D Mark III's …
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Michael Stern: It's a Time Lapse
HP: What is your background and how long have you been a photographer? MS: I am a full-blooded member of the creative community and photography is my chosen form of expression. My first camera was in my hands at age twelve and it's been a wild ride …
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Review – HTC Desire Eye
Having a camera as powerful on the front as the back is a boon not just for the vain, but for all Instagram types and those who like to experiment with photography. We'd love to see this feature appear on more top end smartphones and tablets, however …
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My tip for angling on the Norfolk Broads – just copy Harry the Heron
Secondly, you see all kinds of loveliness: kingfishers flashing iridescent blue, marsh harriers flapping low overhead and a big dog otter slipping into the water. (Anglers are up in arms about the resurgent otter population, but my guide for the day …
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