Brooks Sterling on Shooting Surfing with a Nikonos

Brooks Sterling on Shooting Surfing with a Nikonos
In addition to this, he also needs to jump with the waves. Brooks also talks about how film photography is like riding the waves–each wave is different and each photo will be different. He feels that with digital, it's very simple for all of your …
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Essex County sponsor Parks Photography Contest
The entry should include an 8-by-10-inch copy of the photograph with the photographer's name, address, phone number, category entered, date and location where the photo was taken listed on the back of the photo. A digital copy of the photograph should …
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Apple Watch: Is it worth buying?
Twirl the crown to zoom in or zoom out, such as when you're looking at your photos on the Watch, or scrolling down list such as an email. There is another button below the Digital Crown. Apple officially calls it the side button, although some people …
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