Bloopers: 13 Types of Photographers

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Examples of 14 different types of photography,such as rule of thirds,symmetry, repetition, negative space, line, texture, silhouette, frame foreground in foc…
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26 Responses to Bloopers: 13 Types of Photographers

  1. friendskitkat321 says:


  2. ReubenUltimaWong says:

    That first Scene!

  3. JaslynLoves KPOP says:

    lol wth eden xD how can he cross the escalater like that

  4. Su Min Lee says:

    Funny video

  5. drag nobi says:


  6. Cheng Ze says:

    Ling Bing Young wear the wah banana’s t shirt !!!

  7. Nigel Koh says:

    Y’all so much better than the original crew!! 

  8. miso souq says:

    OMG I can’t believe he just climbed over the escalator like that. das so

  9. That_ MediaMe_ says:

    The funniest part is 0:48 HAHAHA!! Keep replaying and laughing!! Cheers me
    up!!! :)

  10. Ayden Vanetten says:

    i saw wahbanana in the science centre 

  11. Rifte says:

    I’m planning on studying abroad in singapore, is singapore more free and
    fun like this? Because I have heard stories of barbaric torture and

  12. Lutsume Korin says:

    I’ve never laughed harder.

  13. Sassy Vlogs says:

    19 Woots :3

  14. Jaslynn Ngo says:


  15. EstellaTheVampire Queen says:


  16. eternobelleza says:
  17. XBoy_Slasher says:

    how do you get people/companies/locations to like sponsor you and stuff?

  18. Lionel Messi says:

    Wahbanana what happened to foxy and the other 2 people

  19. XBoy_Slasher says:


  20. Apple_X says:

    Omg! the stunts! good job eden! The wedding part is just hilarious!
    Bromance! XD hahah :D

  21. Nikki Yong says:

    How did Eden climb to another elevator????

  22. Anshul Aggarwal says:

    Hey Matthew… I think I saw you at H&M Somerset outlet today evening. I
    wanted to have a pic with you but you rushed to the changing room. Anyways
    I like all videosodes of wah banana… Keep Going guys !!

  23. Mei Wang says:

    I really like the wedding one XD well done! 

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