A Week in the Life of a Professional Photographer

A Week in the Life of a Professional Photographer

Sponsored by Olympus Spend time with David H. Wells, a veteran professional photographer, who makes his living solely through his photography. During this tw…

6 things to consider to be successful as a professional photographer. Just sharing my 2 cents, what do you think? If you enjoyed this – please FB share, twee…
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43 Responses to A Week in the Life of a Professional Photographer

  1. EastVan Photography says:

    Finally, a “pro” on here that actually has great work.

  2. kurt copeland says:

    I don’t think I have ever watched a youtube video over an hour long in it’s
    entirety until now. I will be watching this one again because I didn’t have
    the foresight to grab a pen and a notebook from the beginning the first
    time. Tons of great information. Good presentation Thanks for providing
    this recording!

  3. Fezekile Futhwa says:

    This must be one of the best videos on the life of a working photographer I
    have seen to date!

  4. andreas satrio wibowo says:

    lecture photo

  5. Joao Fezas Vital says:

    This was absolutely amazing except the Communication Arts subject, “I was
    fat and happy for 5 years”, just for being one of the 175 winners of the
    photography annual? I don’t understand how that turns out because you don’t
    even win a price money, Is CA that known I mean, I’ve heard of the NY Times
    but never heard of CA (I’m from Europe not US)

  6. Dan Kelly says:

    its over 9000!!!

  7. alwayzgreener says:

    This was one of the most informative workshops I’ve seen. I loved this

  8. madcypress aquariums Lorenzo. L says:


  9. igetsmart says:

    I assume David uses the Olympus OMD 5? mostly now – but see that he uses
    some of the Pens nice tutorial – thanks – helpful – also nice to see
    someone with small gear – with few exceptions

  10. Michael Tang says:

    omg, what a imspiring, informational and practical vid.

  11. B and H says:

    Please contact David Wells directly at david{at)davidhwells{dot}com. Thanks
    for watching!

  12. Hossam Kilzar says:

    he said there’s would be a link to a pdf but there’s non, can B&H post it?

  13. Jacob Bos says:

    this video is very good! this video is very powerful thankyou.

  14. eliote17 says:

    not bad…

  15. FLOW ABWE says:

    a really really REALLY good workshop. Thanks BH for the video.

  16. Peter Gregory says:

    Loved everything about the insider’s view of photography as a business, but
    very loved the end point that if you give away what you are good at, it
    doesn’t build rapport where you eventually will get paid – you have to hold
    your line and ask your price. Thanks, David, for the generous sharing of
    your hard-earned info. Especially loved the mini tri-pod use – love the

  17. B and H says:

    @igetsmart Thank you so much for watching the B&H Photo YouTube Channel and
    for your participation. We are very pleased that you derive value from and
    find our presentations useful and informative.

  18. Chassidy Bergland says:

    My name is Chassidy Bergland. I am 19, with a 6 week old daughter. Please
    support me in becoming a professional photographer to support my family:

  19. Andreas says:

    ….good advices…..

  20. SARA P says:

    Thank you for this brilliant clue 

  21. Vlado Vlad says:

    this advice can actually be extrapolated to many other fields, not just
    photography… congratulations on yet another job well done .your logic
    seems sound…so far :) 

  22. Kurt Story says:

    Very good advice for any freelancer! All your videos are well-scripted to
    the point, and full of useful information.

  23. joseph claver says:

    Thanks a million Mat. This is really helpful

  24. Vishal Jadhav says:

    Thanks matt for a very useful & necessary advices.

  25. Tibor Jonas says:

    The only problem I can see in this word is some people called “professional
    photographer” who doesn’t know what they are doing… They got paid to do
    what they do they do photography as living but as most of the people see
    you with a professional gear they thing you are good what you doing… but
    they don’t and they still can say “I’m professional” ‘coz they get paid…
    what I call professional is you or the other real professional photographer
    not who just get money for some pictures. and that’s I believe wrong in
    this life
    I’m making money as a photographer but whoever say they want me as a pro
    photographer I’d rather say I’m nowhere near the pro photographers as I see
    my mistakes I see what I could do better and as I just started to make that
    as a living I don’t want to say I’m a pro! I say that to sell what I’m
    doing but I know myself and I know my work is nowhere near as your work!
    I’m not calling myself as a pro but when I hear that I feel like I should
    really say I’m not a pro! 

  26. JASON GHOSH says:

    most practical lesson, the nikonite is a guardian angel//

  27. christopher perez says:

    I made his first 1k likes lol niceee keep at it man pro ness skills

  28. Mike Wallace says:

    Hey Matt! I really enjoy all of your videos. Great advice! You have added
    so much to the photography community over the years. Keep ‘em coming!

    BTW….I really do think that you are part Klingon. Check out that
    forehead! >>>Just giving a fun “poke.” You should see me!!! :>)

  29. Nima N says:

    Matt, thanks for this video; the tips you gave aren’t just good a
    photography business, but for any business and life in general!

  30. Said Aqqa says:

    I don’t know why ,,,,!!!!!but i like the way you talk, some times you talk
    so fast, i force my self to catch you, U R natural excellent Matt

  31. CMS Eila says:

    i love you man!!! the best tips i’ve seen so far..! you’ve opened up my

  32. Saiful Haizad Ahamad Jainid says:

    can i share into my web?

  33. Christopher Soule says:

    Thanks sssso much Matt this video was VERY helpful!

  34. Francesco Barnes says:

    thank’s !

  35. Lenni Lindi says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  36. Olumayowa Obigbesan says:
  37. Constantin Gabor says:
  38. TheMrAlienShowLIVE says:

    Do you have any ideas how I could make money with a Nikon D3200, 18-55 kit
    lens and a 35mm f1.8? Or isn’t that quite good enough.

  39. joeVARADI says:

    Let’s say I wanted to get started as a local portrait photographer (or
    something) and, to keep myself from starving, have a part time job. What
    are typically the busier parts of the day for that sort of work so I could
    come up with a work schedule around that?

  40. AndreDesignz Young says:

    Love this

  41. deluxerecordings says:

    Yep, awesome video. I’m a musician but everything you just said applies to
    my work too!

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