7 Simple Photography Hacks

Watch photographer Leo Rosas demonstrate 7 simple photography tips & tricks. Join the Cooperative of Photography: http://www.cooph.com Facebook: https://www….
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to 7 Simple Photography Hacks

  1. Quinn Roux says:

    You use the word Hacks, but you don’t know what it means, How about I
    actually hack your Youtube account, so you don’t use it anymore.

  2. Valerij Karpinchik says:

    Pretty useful tricks :)

  3. Carline Shively says:

    This Beginner guide is a great way to learn about the basics of photography
    and gave me not only motivation to shoot , but to see the world and capture
    its dynamic beauty with my camera.

  4. Andre van Wyk says:

    Very cool tricks indeed. Thanks.

  5. Sam Sveistrup says:

    I really want to start getting into photography and videography. I’m
    getting a Canon T2i in the next few days. Found one for like 400$ with a
    couple of lenses. Definitely going to use a few of these! Thanks so much! 

  6. SFG Jointzz says:

    tell me what arty means and explain the number 5nd 

  7. daughteroftheking says:

    I like it!! Now i have to buy ne a long lense camera cat wait to start:-)

  8. Spookymaki says:

    Hello, ncie video.
    P.S. Who ever likes to watch vlogs, short movies, and how to videos, then
    you can click on my channel! :)

  9. Max Madson says:

    Great for low to no budget filmmakers too! Thanks!

  10. Cláudio Bastos says:

    *Siete trucos fotográficos de baja tecnología*

    Leo Rosas publicó en Cooph un vídeo sobre estos trucos low-tech de
    fotografía que son interesantes aunque alguno haya más viejo que el TBO:
    filtros creados con diversos materiales, el trípode de cuerda y un difusor
    para el Flash – por no hablar del famoso truco del pomodoro para crear

    Interesante para principiantes o para entretenerse un rato creando
    complementos para el equipo fotográfico.

  11. Edgars Zalecks says:

    Nice! Bokeh effect looks pretty cool! :)

  12. Aaron Hale says:

    I love the video. I am considering being a photographer one day, so any
    video showing me tips and tricks is appreciated. What kind of camera is the
    guy using in the video?

  13. David Billieres says:

    +Nicolas Chatrenet heu pardon : Groot, ;-)
    toi qui aime les timelapses, tu a une super astuce dans cette vidéo (le
    premier hack en fait)

    7 Simple Photography Hacks

  14. Jonathan Montano says:

    quick question to anyone this is only capable with SLR’s and not Bridge
    cameras right?

  15. Tim Burke says:

    Are flying cock and balls shaped bokeh possible? Enquiring minds need to

  16. André Muraro says:

    So what song is that anyways?

  17. zen siert says:

    usefull. nice nike jacket. whats the name of the model?

  18. chelsea dastump says:

    I feel like using Photoshop could give you a couple of these effects but
    neat stuff! 

  19. Alison Henry says:

    OK, I am SO trying some of these out!!

  20. Andrew Woon says:

    Man……You are So Cool and Smart.
    I Subscribe.

  21. Mario Lopez says:

    That last trick you can do whatever shape you’d like right? Like stars,
    circles, hearts, or squares. 

  22. god mode says:

    норм инфа,жаль какого то педика вместо девушки фоткали

  23. Green Greenman says:

    wow lets delete photoshop and try vaseline! xD

  24. Lee Lee says:

    Ok so I’m a 13 year old girl and I want to be a photographer I want a dslr
    camera I know how to edit and everything I just want to know what beginner
    camera is best for me I was looking at 60d but I don’t know I’m so

  25. Mi G says:

    These are great =D

  26. Blitzpunk de says:

    Step 1: don´t become a wedding photographer unless you hate yourself

  27. ΗΜανασου Ξεβρακωτη says:

    I was going to watch your video then I noticed you’re using a Canon camera
    so I stoped

  28. blooneyful says:

    You must live in Utah…I can tell by the locatoins in this video.

  29. Shelby Rozanne says:

    As a beginner photographer, who never went to school or had much training,
    I was looking for a nice tutorial on how to take my photos to the next
    level. The Fro Knows Photos Beginner guide was just what I was looking for.

  30. TheThirdMan says:

    Rule number one: *don’t get obsessed with gear*. Good photographs are made
    by good photographers, not good cameras. I’ve seen brilliant work done with
    a $35 Holga.

  31. RAFFY VLOGetc. says:

    Raw or jpeg they said when shooting in raw its big in memory

  32. Motion Art Production says:

    That doesn’t make sense: You are explaining how to improve your photography
    skills while at the beginning there are always occurring lens flares – THIS

  33. Rory Wilson says:

    The Nikon snobs…. all sitting in caves like a dragons guarding gold…..
    with piles of gear that never actually gets used because they would rather
    go online and preach the Nikon superiority than actually take shots and
    learn how to compose (which is what photography REALLY is about). I use
    both, I know people that use both….I’ve seen award winning photographers
    using cannon….I’ve seen award winning photographers using shitty old film
    cameras…. I also see a hell of a lot of Nikon owners using a keyboard as
    opposed to a camera….

  34. rtswift says:

    3:40 lol that pose is definitely “Thug Life”

  35. san sophan says:

    Hi! Friends this is what I’m trying today and beginning is to hard for me
    to learn how to became a photographer.Best friend what do u think about
    this video?

  36. My-Picture.co.uk says:

    Here are few biggest mistakes beginner photographers make. Get the best
    results by avoiding them! #photographytips #tipsandtricks 

  37. Lexie O says:

    Wow this helps so much and inspires me even more to not drag my feet, and
    to make the switch to RAW. Thanks, and God bless you! :)

  38. SLRHUT says:

    Everyone is a beginner at some point. Practice makes perfect. 

  39. Tenchi10 says:

    All those were such great points…and I learned really quickly about using
    RAW instead of JPEG. Figured that the more space a photo took up, the more
    likely it would be a photo I could work with and where it becomes less

    I also kept shooting every chance I got, but that was only because I was
    uncomfortable at first with asking for poses. It was an anime convention
    and I love taking pics of cosplayers.

    Just recently because I was outside all the time I needed to adjust to the
    sun or moonlight. When day 3 hit I was ready for it.

    I caught on really quickly, but it is only because of me wanting every shot
    to be near-perfect as possible. Even when getting shots of as many people
    as I could, I was getting good shots…Just not those I was completely
    happy with. This passed convention I took shots that surprised the hell out
    of me. There happened to also be some aftereffects that I didn’t notice
    until post-production. I just started to upload all my pics, and at least
    65% of my shots I was surprised with. Some had amazing accidental shading
    or lens cover, or some sort of filter just by pure chance.

    This video just helped me realize my mistakes and remember that I don’t
    want to fall into some of the same traps. There were a lot of
    disappointments along the way….so I just want to become better to
    minimize that feel.

  40. Azazel Raiden says:

    Very informative video. I sure appreciate hearing your knowledge.

  41. bogoid says:

    I would like to add: Shooting in manual mode is a good way to understand
    how things work. Auto modes work fine (at least most of the time), but if
    you have time to spend, shooting in manual is a great practice.

  42. 5lav says:

    :D I used RAW from the start up because i thought, well it has the bigger
    file so seems like better quality 

  43. Brent Ferguson says:

    you mentioned with shooting in RAW, its easy to change the exposure, did
    you do that on the camera, after the shots, or on the computer? just
    purchased the t5i so everything new. But i did know RAW is better for later
    alterations on the photos.
    thank you

  44. MarchuxProductions says:

    I don’t think she’s in the position of teaching anyone. I mean, I’m sort-of
    a beginner, but she makes more mistakes than I do.

  45. Raihan Jamil says:

    3 things to remember. And you have 4 bullet points, with number 4 as the
    most important. :) Good video. Can you PLEASE give us some example of the
    exposure thing? Show us on your camera. What to change, how to change, what
    should make me decide what. Thank you!

  46. NAGA PRANEETH says:

    Hi, I have tried visiting your site but browser did not allow me as your
    site contains malware… Can you please get it resolved so that I can learn
    from your site? I really liked the way you explained things in this
    video… Please keep up the good work… It really helps amateur

  47. Basit Zia says:

    this video is one of those rare on which i am going to comment.. i am a
    beginner and i cant tell that how much i liked this video.. there is going
    to be a big change ahead of my career after watching these useful tips.. i
    was lacking all these points in my photography.. thanks a bundle for
    sharing this video :)

  48. Kyle Glass says:

    +Photographer Overnight what camera are you using in this video???? Or if
    anyone else knows the camera can you please respond to my comment. thank

  49. Vasiliy Konovalenko says:

    thank you . very useful information , and good explanations . 

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