50 Quick Photography Tips

50 Quick Photography Tips

Here we give you bang for your buck with 50 Quick Photography Tips in less than 15 minutes. Stay tuned for our upcoming Taiwan special, where the team goes o…

25 Responses to 50 Quick Photography Tips

  1. nictheartist says:

    Haha, don’t ever try to get a babysitting job!

  2. Hououin Ok says:

    Should i shoot Jpeg (fine) or Raw as a beginner ? I know that RAW is better
    for editing but it is good to start learning photography by shooting RAW ?
    Would be nice to get a response :)

  3. Descend Twerk says:

    “No one talk when they type doooshbag” Lmao xD

  4. Jumpstart Jimbo says:

    He he he Kai is a racist, he says his brother he is ‘squinting’ :) :) :)

  5. Osama Bin Laden says:

    tip #51: use Optical zoom instead of digital zoom!

  6. Patrick Bohan says:

    I like to protect my lens with a UV filtre.
    And I cannot afford to treat my camera too roughly, but there is no point
    in keeping it wrapped up in cotton-wool, either.
    Good fun to watch!!

  7. ArabianWaleed says:

    Very Funny and useful video, thanks

  8. Darrius Detenamo says:

    Actually UV filters are handy. Protects the lens. If your lens gets damaged
    from scratches? You’re f*cked.

  9. Casper Cameron says:

    he’s so shit its absolutely hilarious. 

  10. Lead Walls says:

    why do you have a mac?

  11. David Vu says:

    #7 & #12 totally true…. I dont want to take my camera bag everywhere I
    go just because i want to have some good snaps…

  12. Office Shoes says:

    Sorry but have to disagree with ..TIP 4. I had to scrimp and save to buy a
    brand new Nikon D610 it was £1200 GBP (Body only) that is a LOT of money
    for me..I can’t kick it about like a football because I need it to last 5
    or 6 Years, If I kicked it about like a football it will not last 5 or 6
    Years…Thumbs up rate if you agree please. 

  13. Vinod Jain says:

    ur a irritating bastard ==over actor=a disturbed person=wasted my 20 min in
    downloading and watching this flop irritating video ==madarchodddddd

  14. Richard Domenech says:

    Useful video! Thanks!

  15. Alex Charest says:

    2:16 «Doucebeh»

  16. shaDMedia says:

    0:56 – thats for haters …lol

  17. Miley onDisney says:

    The girl in #13 is ADORABLE!

  18. ROBLOX KATIE says:

    Tip #30
    Oh Lok… xD

  19. muska1906 says:


  20. Vospi says:

    Tip 46 (B&W) is SO TRUE. Even before trying any ot DSLRs, I always had a
    mind exercise, every time I saw a b&w photo I started thinking what colour
    (or maybe effect or filtering, but not) could improve it. Very interesting
    and powerful game it is.

  21. Mark Ferwerda says:

    Excellent video – one of the most funny you’ve done – but the repetitive
    ragtime piano background music really got on my nerves!

  22. Lauren Schreurs says:

    Kai Wong is so funny!!

  23. its your boy jordan says:

    If u like photography follow on Instagram @worldpicsofficial 

  24. Christian Joshua Gadon says:

    haha,,, dis is great,,, its not boring watch.. the guy was very funny :)

  25. LJ3783 says:

    1:51 “what are these little phallic things?” hahaha

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