13 Types of Photographers

13 Types of Photographers

“3, 2, 1 say Ba-na-na!” We’re on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/wahbananasg Twitter/Instagram @wahbananasg Guest starrring: Lim Big Yong (@lingbigyong) – …
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20 Popular Types Of Photography 1- Landscape Photography 2- Wildlife Photography 3- Portrait Photography 4- Studio Photography you have full control of light…

27 Responses to 13 Types of Photographers

  1. TheKkd123 says:

    2:07 – 2:12 the Philippino guy grobe the girl ass!

  2. Lutsume Korin says:

    I’ve never enjoyed life with comedy of my country until nowXD
    Maigawd you all are awesome <3

    301th viewer! :D

  3. Ren Lok says:

    So what type of photographer are you?
    A funny little clip from the guys at wahbanana
    #wahbanana #photographer 

  4. Murt Khaz says:

    lol theres so many league of legends references here. what server do you
    guys play on?

  5. Koo Cheeyan says:


  6. Vanessa Lee says:

    who’s the white guy? does he live in singapore?

  7. GICking says:

    1.52 – why does it always have to be white guy marrying a SPG? Aren’t there
    enough Anton’s and Bernice Wong’s in Asia? Why couldn’t have it been the
    White guy being the photographer and an Asian guy marrying an Asian girl?

  8. Wyn Chong says:

    Lol 1.19 hv ling big yong

  9. Ee Jean says:

    3:36 is that guy taiwanese? :D he has the taiwanese accent like Henry from
    Suju M hehe!

  10. calenitosolo1 says:

    Jajaja funny even though i thought it was going to be an informative
    serious video.

  11. Zeraltz says:

    1:30 song name?

  12. DanKhooProductions says:

    dat ass grab

  13. Cheryl Hoe says:

    Who is the guy who do those gymnastic ?

  14. Amy Tho says:

    The guy who did the cut wheel is from dream school

  15. Charissa Ann bella T says:

    IM SO GLAD I FOUND YOU GUYS. through dan khoo. you guys so funny! never
    laugh so much at youtubers videos

  16. Molly Mae says:

    Take picture with me with the Clark quay!0:30-0:00!

  17. Kai Ern says:

    Terence that scream….

  18. Apple Jinks says:


  19. sysMAXXX says:

    you guys forgot the SNIPERS!

  20. Long Thiên says:

    what song 1’31 ??? pls 

  21. Melissa Law says:

    0:53 Did he really do those stunts

  22. Snow Yee says:

    Omg the girl photoshop one… Cant.. BREATHE XDDDD

  23. AnimalKaiser389 says:


  24. Mona palupi says:

    13 Types of Photographers: http://youtu.be/kKjyztPvCr4

  25. squiggz90 says:

    I thought Random Photography would be #1

  26. Digital Pixel Show says:

    20 Popular Types Of Photography 

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